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LDS Couple Who Dubbed Homosexuality “Addiction” Come Out
Evergreen and Deseret Book Are Still Selling Their Book

by Jason Clark
27 February 2005

Martha and John C. Beck, the authors of a Deseret Book publication that dubbed homosexuality "an addiction" are now living openly as homosexuals.

"While Dr. [Martha] Beck is now highly critical of the Mormon Church, in 1990, she and her husband, John C. Beck, had a book published by a company owned by the Mormon Church arguing that homosexuality is a compulsive behavior that can be overcome," wrote Edward Wyatt in the February 24 edition of the New York Times. "After leaving the church, however, the Becks divorced and have lived openly as homosexuals, something each acknowledged in interviews."

In their 1990 book Breaking the Cycle of Compulsive Behavior, the Becks follow the well-established LDS rhetoric of lumping homosexuality together with alcoholism and drug addiction as "addictions" or misguided compulsive behavior that must be controlled.

Despite the fact that the Becks have since embraced their own homosexuality, Evergreen International, an organization for gay Mormons who want to remain celibate, is still selling the book. LDS-owned Deseret Book is also selling the book, along with other anti-gay titles such as Dean A. Byrd's Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ and Joseph Nicolosi's A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality.

Martha Beck's credibility as an author is now in question, as her forthcoming Leaving the Saints is already being criticized for its alleged inaccuracies. In her shocking memoir, Beck recounts how in 1990 she recovered memories of being sexually abused between the ages of 5 and 7 by her father, renowned LDS scholar Hugh Nibley. Beck claims that her father, unable to defend Joseph Smith's translation of the newly rediscovered Book of Abraham papyri, went crazy and began to ritually abuse her, possibly wearing some kind of Egyptian garb.

According to Sunstone reviewer Tania Rands Lyon, Beck "first wrote Leaving the Saints as a 500-page novel," but was later "redirected by her editors to own her story and call it a memoir" (Sunstone, March 2005, p. 74).

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