The 26 Best Rock Feuds Ever!

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Here are 26 of the biggest rock and metal feuds in living memory, all based on rumour, internet hearsay and ’alleged’ ‘allegations’ people have ‘claimed’.

Robb Flynn (Machine Head) vs Kerry King (Slayer)
2001: King labeled Machine Head as “sell-outs” after the release of their 2001 album ‘Supercharger’, saying “They’re responsible for rap-metal”.
2002: Robert Flynn says Kerry King looks like a member of Right Said Fred…
2002: Kerry King: “I don’t remember us having bad blood… If somebody asks me if I like their last record, I say, ‘No, I don’t like the record.’ But that’s not slamming anybody. It’s my opinion. If he’s so fragile that that was painful, sorry dude, you’re in the wrong business.”
2004: Comment on “If Rob and Kerry King can just put their shit behind them and do another rousing rendition of Venom’s ‘Witching Hour’, life would be grand.”
2005: Flynn: “I am issuing an apology to Kerry for the role I’ve played in our ongoing ‘feud.’ I can’t even remember why it started. With every barb we trade, I feel like I’m losing a part of my youth, and with it, a part of who I used to be, before Machine Head came into existence.”
2007: The guys bury the hatchet at Metal Hammer’s own Golden Gods. Asked ‘What do you really think of Kerry King, Robb?’ Mr Flynn replied: “He’s alright man, we’re cool again. The beef is squashed. It got out of hand but we’re all good now.”
2009: So, about that Venom cover…

Axl Rose vs Everyone ever
Axl fought everyone in the world. Then put it in a song. The end.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) vs Metallica
1983: Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica for ‘alcohol and substance abuse’.
At some point in the next 20 years Lars says – amongst other things – that Dave Mustaine keeps up the Metallica-hating to promote his own band.
2004: ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’ comes out. Mustaine berates Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for kicking him out of the band instead of trying to help him deal with his addiction.
2004: Mustaine hates them for making him look like a crybaby.
2007: Mustaine says to Canadian Press: “After the documentary I hated them, but it took some time for this whole thing to kind of reveal itself. There are certain things that I miss in James, certain things that I’m glad are gone with Lars and just there’s no more sour grapes.” But does add: “I was the only guitar player and James just sang.”
2008: Ulrich told “I don’t have a problem with him as much as I think he has a problem with me. I’ve always quite liked the guy. It has a tendency to depend on which mood he’s in.
“If he’s in happy-go-lucky mood, then it’s ‘Lars is OK, ha ha, the little Danish guy, we used to dig holes in the earth and smoke bongs’ or whatever, and if he’s in a particular type of mood then it’s, ‘Lars is a fuckin’ asshole.’ I can’t control that.
“I keep coming back to the statistics, which are interesting: he’s never played on a Metallica record, he was in the band for 10 months, 25 years ago! That’s an amazing statistic when you think about it, and still Metallica is such a prominent part of his existence. That’s just mind-blowing, because he has made some of the best heavy metal records of all time. It blows my mind.”

Terrorvision vs Queens of The Stone Age
1999: From Terrorvision’s MySpace: “Terrovision headlined a stage at the ‘Big Day Out’ at the Milton Keynes Bowl, and got into a dressing room brawl with Queens Of The Stone Age.” mention in a QOTSA review, that: “Nick Oliveri was in Seattle’s evil porno punks the Dwarves until he got thrown out for bad behaviour and was arrested at last year’s Big Day Out for attacking Terrorvision.”

Axl vs the world (ft: Izzy Sradlin, Motley Crue, Nirvana, Tommy Hilfiger)
1989: Vince Neil punched Izzy Stradlin over a girl. Axl wades in.
1992: Phew, real car crash this one. Kirk says Guns N’ Roses are “so obviously pathetic and untalented”. It all rolls along for years until now apparently the (ex)-GN’R crew are now pals again.
2006: Axl’s lawyers release some statement about stuff Slash told him. It’s all denied. Axl hates Velvet Revolver. Simple.
2006: Tommy Hilfiger swings at Axl for moving a drink or something. Wikipedia states that “Hilfiger – wearing a GN’R shirt – and Axl were seen “hugging” and “burying the hatchet” backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards” later.
2006: Rose refers to opening act the Eagles of Death Metal as the “Pigeons of Shit Metal. I’m sorry to say that this will be their last night with us.” And it was.
1987: Axls announces onstage that “Bon Jovi can suck my dick”. In 2006 Jon Bon Jovi said: “You know what pisses me off? …a story about Axl Rose and the $13m Guns N’ Roses record that was never made. That motherfucker hasn’t made a record in 13 years and he gets all that attention. You know what I’ve done in 13 years? A lot. But they have continued to write about the freak show aspect of him.” Poor old Jon, suffering, un-appreciated in the shadows.

Murderdolls vs Dani Filth
2003: Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth keeps walking into the Murderdolls area at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. He was ejected from the area, and then the party and only left when security punched him on the sternum, knocking him over. (Dani Filth famously trashed a rock magazines offices after a bad review).

Fred Durst vs Dino Cazares
2002: From – Limp Bizkit attempted to offer former Fear Factory guitarist, Dino Cazares, for an audition to fill the band’s vacant guitarist role following last year’s departure of Wes Borland. Dino immediately turned down the offer saying joining Limp Bizkit would be “career suicide.” Ta.

Maiden vs Sharon Osbourne
Here’s what ‘apparently’ happened at the 2005 Ozzfest:
Bruce cussed Ozzy, something about being an old duffer. Sharon calls him a prick and on the last day instigates an onstage egging of Maiden during their set and fucks with their sound. In the aftermath Sharon shoots her mouth off dissing Maiden further, Maiden stay sctum. Ish. If you really want to know, there are about ten million ‘eye witness accounts’ – start here:
(Sharon also recently got into a scrap on Charm School

Dillinger vs Disturbed
2008: Dillinger guitarist Ben Weinman told Australian magazine Beat that he saw the guys choreographing every one of their moves during a soundcheck, saying “[they were] practicing where they were going to walk and when they were going to put their leg up on the monitor and pose… That was weird for us. There are times [during live shows] where I don’t even know where I am.”
Disturbed frontman David Draiman responded: “Let me give you a little bit of education: This is what the big boys do who play stadium shows”.

Brent Hinds (Mastodon) vs Shavo Odadjian (System Of A Down) and others.
2007: An inebriated Hinds left the Mandalay Bay after the MTV VMAs around 3am and met Shavo and musician William Hudson at the hotel’s west valet area. Hinds took his shirt off and hit Shavo with it before hitting Hudson in both the face and then chest. The police report says both Shavo and Hudson punched Hinds in the face, knocking him to the ground.
2008: There was an alleged altercation between garage rocker King Khan and Hinds: “He said ‘Do you know who I am? I am the greatest guitar player around,’ and punched me in the face.”
There are also reports that the band got into a fight while on tour in the northern UK.

Vivian Campbell vs Ronnie James Dio
2003: Vivian Campbell: “[Playing in Dio] never mattered to me — and still doesn’t… He’s an incredible talent, but he’s an awful businessman and way more importantly, one of the vilest people in the industry.”
2007: Ronnie James Dio says: “I hope he fucking dies. He’s a fucking asshole. He’s got two fucking chances. He’s a piece of shit. He called me the most despicable human being that ever lived. I went, ‘I thought I gave you a chance and made you somebody. And now you’re playing with who? Def fucking who?’ There’s a fucking rock band for you to fucking have diarrhoea with.” Video:
He later said: “OK, I get the point — you really don’t like me at all! Well, tell me what the problem is, Vivian. Tell everybody what the problem is, because at the moment everyone is kind of scratching their heads over this one.”

Read part two here.


Best thing about Kerry King lambasting Machine Head for Rap Metal is that the very next year he played guitar on Sum41’s Rap Metal track “What we’re all about”.



King seems to get into disputes with alot of bands.


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