Richard Dawkins: Keep Libel Laws OUT of Science

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  • 13 lawyers have watched this video.

  • @Xerotaerg Why did you respect him before? If you respected him as a scientist, why would that change because of his political views? Those are two completely different matters.

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  • @lifeishomeless ahaha...oh, you.

  • @lifeishomeless

    So you think psychics for instance, should be able to sue people who say they're making it all up?

  • bunch of stupid people with stupid person

  • @polymath7

    Stay off the meds.

    Are YOU a multi-millionaire yet? Do you own companies with with a total annual turnover into the billions?

    No, you are an arse. A skint one at that. Have a nice day xxx

  • @m1aws You are both of you dribbling buffoons.

  • @m1aws You're an utter fool. Reply, I dare you. I'll humiliate you.

  • I would never vote LibDem, but I do like Dawkins and he's spot on here.

  • people down in england aint so wild but some places in britain aint the place to raise your child

  • @9pt9 Maybe not diseases, but people are claiming it cures other physical ailments that are completely unrelated to the skeletal system, such as asthma.

  • @MagicActor1987 Unfortunately :(

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