"Klax" KDE 3.4.2 Live-CD

done by basse, http://kulma.org

"Klax" is an i486 GNU/Linux Live-CD, very similar to Slax because it's created with the same Linux Live scripts. The version described here contains KDE 3.4.2. There exists also a KOffice 1.4.2 edition and a KDE 3.5 RC 1 edition.

It should be good enough to give you an impression of KDE 3.4, to verify if bugs still exist or discover new ones and to make screenshots.

See this short HOWTO how to create yourself a localized version of this Live-CD.

What it has:

What it has not:


Verification: klax-kde-3.4.2.iso.md5, klax-kde-3.4.2.iso.md5.asc


Boot from the burned CD.

You can also type "klax nogui" at the boot prompt for a console login. Login as "guest" with password "guest" (or as "root" with "toor"). "netconfig" starts the network configuration. "xconf" configures a higher resolution for the X-server. Executing "startx" will start the X-server.