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Asketikos is the Greek root word for asketes, which is the root for askesis, which translates into English as asceticism.  The ancient Greeks used askesis to describe those who engaged in a strict and disciplined practice.  Over time the ascetic came to mean a person who chose to live abstaining from the physical pleasures of the world in a quest for a higher spiritual experience.  Asceticism exists in virtually all world religions, some schools of philosophy, as well as in the secular world in various forms. 

This site is interested in exploring why some people choose to suffer while most pursue pleasure and seek to avoid pain.  This site explores asceticism, martyrdom, penance and psychic masochism in spirituality and secularism.  This site will be updated weekly with new articles, links, and hopefully grow in time.  I am also hopeful that the forum will become active and full of vibrant, analytical, discussion.  This site does not promote a particular faith or worldview.

- February 7, 2011

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