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About Our Team

Mark Verstegen

Founder and Chairman, Athletes' Performance

Mark Verstegen is known the world over for developing programs and systems that help athletes achieve more and perform at higher levels. But Mark is equally known for his boundless passion for helping people and his infectious energy. Helping everyone maximize the potential inside their bodies is not just Mark’s job, it is his life. Which is why he started Core Performance, to bring what he has learned, what he believes in and what he has developed to everyone out there who aspires to perform better at whatever they do.

Mark began his coaching career at his alma mater, Washington State University, before completing his Master's degree in Sport Sciences at the University of Idaho. He became Assistant Director of Player Development at Georgia Tech where he implemented innovative and successful performance programs for football, men's basketball and golf. In 1995, Mark ventured to Bradenton, Florida, to create the International Performance Institute, which became recognized worldwide under Mark's direction. Mark's continual pursuit of quality and his vision of creating a facility completely dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals led to the development of Athletes' Performance in 1999.

Mark has authored a series of popular books—Core Performance, Core Performance Essentials, Core Performance Endurance and his most recent book, Core Performance Golf—that have introduced his principles to the world beyond professional athletics. Within the world of professional athletics, Mark serves as the Director of Performance for the NFL Players’ Association, specializing in player safety and welfare. He appears regularly on the pages of Men’s Health magazine, as well as many other publications.

To the world, Mark is an expert in performance. To you, Mark is a source of energy and confidence that will help you achieve more.

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