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Diocesan Synod - 8 May 2011

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  • Diocesan Synod – Women in the Episcopacy
    On May 7th Canterbury Diocesan Synod will debate and vote on the draft legislation for Women in the Episcopacy. This debate is open to those people who wish to come and observe, although seats are limited. Immediately before Synod, a Eucharist will be held in the Cathedral and will include the licensing of newly appointed officers. More information
    Diocesan Synod - 13 November 2010

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  • Diocesan Synod votes for re-structure
    to provide more support to churches

    Two significant changes were considered and voted on by Diocesan Synod on 13 November with the aim of providing more assistance to churches in the Diocese as they develop ministry, grow and support their communities,.

    The first change was to increase the support offered through the work of the Archdeacons by appointing a third Archdeacon rather than a new Bishop of Maidstone. Under proposals for future consideration a new Archdeaconry of Ashford will be created from the Deaneries of Ashford, Dover, Elham and Sandwich. This will be headed by Archdeacon Philip Down who will change titles to become the first Archdeacon of Ashford.

    The other change sees a re-shaping of the core work of the Diocese into five key areas:

    • Local Church Development is a new area which will offer practical support to churches, working closely with Deanery Mission and Ministry Committees, to achieve growth through mission, discipleship, pastoral reorganization, stewardship, vocations and new developments. Archdeacon Philip will give leadership and support to this work
    • Communities and Partnership is a new area which will expand the work of Church in Society by providing the tools and assistance for parishes and deaneries so they may support their communities. The new Archdeacon of Maidstone will be recruited to give leadership and support to this area in addition to other work. A specialist officer will also help churches develop partnership with others and signpost funding for community projects.
    • Education will include the Board of Education (Bishop Trevor will retain his statutory obligation to the Board of Education) and will cover work with schools, higher education establishments, children, young people and families.
    • Resource Management and Compliance will connect finance, property, communications and human resources and will be the engine for the work we do.
    • Ministry and Training will focus on training and developing ordained and lay ministers for flexible and sustainable ministry. Archdeacon Sheila, alongside her cathedral, national and archdeaconry responsibilities, will offer leadership and support in this area, complemented by her recent appointment as the new Chair of SEITE

    The five key areas will work collaboratively to support parishes and will be strategically guided by the Bishop in Synod. The Archbishop's Council, chaired by the Bishop, is at the heart of this and will meet more regularly to keep things on track. Area Deans and Lay Chairs play a vital role in keeping information flowing as do the diocesan staff whose department heads meet as the Resources Group to keep an up-to-date overview.

    Further information about the restructuring can be found in the document 'The new structures of the Diocese - outlined in 24 Questions' and in the PowerPoint presentation 'Final Structures 2010'

    On Friday 19 November Bishop Trevor sent a Pastoral Letter to all clergy, readers and officers in the diocese. The letter includes information about the re-structuring, particularly the composition of the three Archdeaconries. The letter refers to discussions held after Synod with Archdeacons Sheila and Philip and Diocesan Secretary Julian, who together looked at some of the specific points raised at Synod. In the light of all those discussions the following composition of each archdeaconry is proposed:


    East Bridge
    West Bridge


    North Downs
    The Weald