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A series finale is strangely poignant. You know the characters are fictional, yet you've watched their every success and failure for months or years - frankly, you've known them longer than your actual friends. When you've invested season after season of time and interest in the universe of a show, it's almost insulting, personally, to suffer a weak finale. Conversely, nothing can soothe the pain of losing a favorite show like a really wicked send-off.

Here's our list of finales that honored the greatness of the shows they closed out, in no particular order.

Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under

Death, as a concept, is something we tend to sidestep whenever possible. We all know we're going someday, but as a culture, we've sort of collectively agreed to pretend we're not. Ever. Six Feet Under went where so few shows dared to tread - it embraced the taboo of death and explored the many aspects of its place in our lives as though it were natural. Which... it is.

Centered around the family that owns and runs a funeral home, the Fishers, the show explored not only death, but infidelity, religion, and family as well. Each episode started with a death, but the series wasn't consistently heavy - in fact, it was often hilarious. Created by Alan Ball (who made the equally uncomfortable but incredible American Beauty), Six Feet Under was a portrait of life that always rang true, until the very last episode. The finale was truly touching; once the plot of the series had been wrapped up, the episode closed with a scene of every Fisher's eventual death.

It was a beautiful way to end the story, and the episode reminded us what the whole series taught - death is coming, and we might as well embrace the inevitable.

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