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FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's World Ranking

Last Updated 18 Mar 2011
Next Release 22 Jul 2011
Mar 11
+/- Ranking
Nov 10
+/- Pts
Nov 10
1USA USA21910Equal6
2Germany Germany21530Equal0
3Brazil Brazil20980Equal-18
4Japan Japan20621Up26
5Sweden Sweden2043-1Down-20
6Canada Canada20283Up54
7France France19971Up-1
8Korea DPR Korea DPR1995-2Down-10
9Norway Norway1989-2Down-13
10England England19620Equal-11
11Australia Australia19451Up0
12Italy Italy1936-1Down-16
13Denmark Denmark18911Up-4
14Netherlands Netherlands18901Up19
15China PR China PR1874-2Down-42
16Korea Republic Korea Republic18462Up26
16Iceland Iceland18461Up22
18Spain Spain18161Up0
19Finland Finland1813-3Down-15
20Russia Russia18110Equal-4
21Ukraine Ukraine17960Equal-5
22Mexico Mexico17810Equal0
23Scotland Scotland17671Up14
24New Zealand New Zealand1750-1Down-14
25Czech Republic Czech Republic17460Equal-5
26Switzerland Switzerland17250Equal-11
27Nigeria Nigeria16720Equal0
28Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland16421Up0
29Poland Poland16371Up2
30Hungary Hungary16301Up5
31Colombia Colombia16211Up10
32Vietnam Vietnam16172Up15
33Argentina Argentina1616-5Down-28
34Thailand Thailand1608-1Down-1
35Belgium Belgium15970Equal0
36Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei15840Equal0
37Romania Romania15750Equal-2
38Belarus Belarus15740Equal0
39Portugal Portugal15730Equal9
40Austria Austria1564-1Down0
41Costa Rica Costa Rica15350Equal0
42Slovakia Slovakia15310Equal-2
43Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago15290Equal0
44Myanmar Myanmar15260Equal0
44Chile Chile15262Up9
46Serbia Serbia1522-1Down1
47Wales Wales15210Equal12
48Bulgaria Bulgaria14951Up-5
49Ghana Ghana14881Up3
50Ecuador Ecuador14841Up0



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