an tv highschool of the dead title ep02

More characters are introduced and our motley band of highschoolers begin to get an idea just how much crap they’re in…

Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) continues with episode two where we’re introduced to a couple of new characters. Note that I haven’t read the manga so it’s very possible my speculations will be incorrect.

These characters are pretty typical of what you’d find in the survival horror genre:

Saeko Busujima: Third year student and Kendo martial artist.Saeko Busujima (Samurai Girl) is the second martial artist in the group, aside from Rei Miyamoto, and uses her bokken quite effectively. Saeko seems to be the character that’ll embody honour and the samurai spirit in the story. Saeko is calm, unemotional and a tactical thinker and not afraid to make the tough decisions.

Saya Takagi: Arrogant geniusSaya Takagi (Genius Girl) is the cast’s know-it-all and self proclaimed genius; also, the annoying arrogant character. She’s not as strong as she thinks she is and is the likeliest character to break down in the face danger. Saya’s intellect is made apparent when she takes the time to conduct a brief experiement to find out what stimulus attracts the zombies.

Hirano Kohta: Nerd and military/gun enthusiast.Kohta Hirano (Gun Guy) is the lonely geek/nerd character. In this case, he’s a military/gun/survival type freak who has a penchant for improvisation. His character will most likely prove instrumental when the cast inevitably gets their hands on some firepower; most likely from fallen JSDF personnel or law enforcement.

Shizuka Marikawa: School nurse and resident air head.Shizuka Marikawa is the school nurse but despite her medical training, she is an utter air head— a rather large breasted air head too. In a TV series already fully laden with fan service, making Shizuka’s large breasts a comical element seems like an odd choice and completely superfluous.

In the beginning of the episode, Rei Miyamoto attempts to make contact with her father, a police officer, and only briefly succeeds before communications are lost. Takashi Komuro is still struggling with the conflicting feelings of guilt over executing his infected best friend, Hisashi, and the fact that Hisashi’s death now clears a path to relationship with Rei.

The rest of the episode deals with introducing the new cast members. We get glimpses of the kind of people the new cast members are and we see how they can contribution to the task of survival. Through Saya, we learn that zombies are blind and only react to nearby sounds and motion. The group begins making plans for escape and we’re also given glimpses of the scope and seriousness of the outbreak through Rei’s call to her father via a secret emergency line and through a news report the group happens to catch as they bunker down in one of the school’s offices.

Other than that, not a whole lot goes. Episode 2 didn’t have a tonne of fan service, unlike episode 1; save for Shizuka’s bouncing bosom and a skirt ripping, thigh and panty garter baring scene. It’s also quite possible I’ve developed an immunity to panty shots after seeing so many in the first episode and I now simply fail to take note of them. :-)

"We're so screwed..."

One can lambast HOTD for being unsophisticated, cliched and sophomoric but it’s not trying to be anything other than a popcorn anime TV series with zombies and fan service. In the face of that kind of simple honesty, to deconstruct and analyze it seems like overkill. :-)

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