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68 days
to the 2011
Rowing Showdown

16 June 2011
Best Slovenian rowers Iztok Čop and Luka Špik will be rowing together at the World Championships. Olympic Champions from Sydney, silver medalists from Olympic Games in Athens and three times World Champions in double sculls will be rowing together with the goal to become World Champions this year in Bled.
15 June 2011
In anticipation of the World Rowing Championships, the margin of Lake Bled in Mala Zaka and Velika Zaka was given a new image. It included a landscape layout of the shore and the architectural design of the rowing facilities. The boathouse and the stands, as well as the jury tower in Velika Zaka were renovated. The main idea underlying the planning of the tower was to make an invisible object, to ...
13 June 2011
Last weekend Bled hosted 56th International Rowing Regatta. On the course of the upcoming Championships competed more then 300 rowers from 7 countries. World Championships was also present at the regatta with the Package of rowing joy, where more then 300 visitors experienced rowing and won free ticket for the Championships. Visitors could also bought new Championships merchandising, which is also ...
27 May 2011
To honor World Rowing Championships Pošta Slovenije - Slovenian Postal Service will issue 120.000 special stamps. The designer Špela Selan has managed to join the elements of Rowing and beautiful Bled in a stamp for 0,92 EUR, which will be in use during the Championships. Stamps will be for sale also in Bled during the competition days.
22 May 2011
On Saturday, 21 May Bled has hosted unique event, where 32 companies rowed for a good cause. At BMW eco regatta besides representatives of Slovenia's successful companies, also 32 primary eco schools took part in the project. Eco schools received donations from the companies to teach children about the environment. A day before schools and companies planted together 160 trees in new World Rowing Championships ...


After 22 years, the World Rowing Championships is returning to Bled. The best rowers in the world will compete in one of the most beautiful rowing courses in the world between 28 August and 4 September 2011.

Have an incredible experience!

Letters of support

Dr. Danilo Türk
President of the Republic of Slovenia
Bled has so far hosted three World Rowing Championships at its unique and internationally famous natural course. These championships were successful in terms of competition and international coverage, which promises that...
Dr. Igor Lukšič
Minister of Education and Sport
The organization of the World Rowing Championships at Bled in 2011 is a great recognition for Slovenia, which is one of the most successful countries in the world in terms of the medals won in this sport per number of inhabitants.
Janez Fajfar
Mayor of Bled / Slovenia
On 3rd September 2007 at the FISA Congress in Munich, Bled was chosen for the site of the World Rowing Cup in 2010 and the World Rowing Championship in 2011. It was a great honor and an enormous challenge for Lake Bled where rowing comes...
Denis Žvegelj
President, Rowing Federation of Slovenia
Rowing is the sport that has won the most medals at the Olympic games among Slovenian sports. Our modern history of when we first started winning medals on the international rowing scene now spans over twenty years.
Janez Benčina
President of Organizing Committee
It is Time for Bled !
The decision of a great majority of the delegates of the International Rowing Federation to hold the 2011 World Rowing Championships at Bled was to us both a source of joy and pride. With the trust shown also...


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