• London
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Venice
  • Belgrade
  • Istanbul

London to Istanbul, 8 days, 8 countries, driving 3000 miles, an adventure of a lifetime! With key check-points and parties on route in London, Paris, Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, Belgrade, Sofia and finally the mighty Istanbul.

The event will combine automobiles with music, film, and entertainment throughout the 3000 miles, closing the streets in each city to create a Gumball festival!

25th & 26th MAY                                                                                                                                                                              Starting for the 10th time in England's capital, we will be hosting the most extravagant Gumball event in our 12 year history. We will register each driver on the 25th before they attend the VIP launch party. The next morning on the 26th is when their adventure will truly begin!

City: London, England
Date: Wednesday 25th May
Location: Playboy Club
Time: 9.30pm – 3am
What’s happening: Official Gumball 3000 2011 launch party. The red carpet event of year at the brand new Playboy Club!

City: London, England
Date: Thursday 26th May
Location: Covent Garden
Time: 9am - 4pm
What's happening: Come to Covent Garden to see the celebrities and over 100 amazing vehicles on display including the future in eco-supercars, buy the official "Tour T-Shirt", and soak up the atmosphere before the flag drops at 1200

26th MAY
A short drive under the English Channel, our first tour stop on our 3000 mile adventure is Paris! We'll be showcasing Eco and Green concept vehicles within a stones throw of the Eiffel tower & experiencing fine Parisian dining by candle light before partying all night with our 'Baller VIP's!!!

City: Paris, France
Date: Thursday 26th May
Location: Outside VIP Rooms and the Collette store
Time:  VIP Rooms 6 pm onwards. Collette all week.
What's happening: Fantastic Eco-car displays outside VIP Rooms and the Collete store, showcasing the most jaw-dropping futurustic cars and supercars


City: Albi, France
Date: Friday 27th May
Location: Circuit D'Albi, Albi
Time: Gumballers arriving & departing between 12pm - 4.30pm
What's happening: The public are invited to watch the Gumball drivers take their own Gumball cars and the incredible super eco-race cars around the race track.

27th MAY
The 'Ballers will draw up to Barcelona sea front for the car display. Once they've checked into their rooms, dinner will be served overlooking the beautiful turquoise Med.

City: Barcelona, Spain
Date: Friday 27th May
Location: The W Hotel, Barcelona
Time: Gumballers arriving from 1730 staying until 1pm 28th May
What's happening: Check out the disply of all the Gumball cars!

28th & 29th MAY
Prepare for the serenity of the French countryside to disappear as the sound of 25 Formula One cars hits you straight between the eyes! A dazzling 2 days of non-stop partying in the capital of indulgence is ahead!

City: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Date: Saturday 28th May
Location: No public event
Time: No public event
What's happening: Eco-car displays within Monte carlo - exhibiting the future in automobiles and the Green concepts to hit the market.

30th MAY
Pick up a speed boat ride to the steps of the Gumball Hotel, the Betsafe girls will be on hand to help you recoup your Monte Carlo losses at the Betsafe Poker Tournament!

City: Venice, Italy
Date: Monday 30th May
Location: Tronchetto
Time: Gumballers arriving from 1700
What's happening: The longest car disply of the rally stretching along the water-front, showcasing an amazing display accessible by water bus or private taxi - great photo opportunities!


City: Zagreb, Croatia
Date: Tuesday 31st May
Location: Checkpoint at the Mimara Museum
Time: Gumballers arriving & departing between 1pm-3pm
What's happening: Gumball 3000 arrives in wonderful Zagreb on it's national celebration day.

31st MAY
Entering Begrade is like entering no other city on route!!! Crowds on motorways and bridges will line the way as Gumball fever grips the city and fans besiege the route!

City: Belgrade, Serbia
Date: Tuesday 31st May
Location: Hotel Continental Belgrade
Time: Gumballers arriving from 9pm
What's happening: Huge live event of music and Gumball merchandise on sale, large public car display within the grounds of the Hotel Continental Belgrade.


City: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: Wednesday 1st June
Location: Checkpoint at the National Art Gallery
Time: Gumballers arriving & departing between 12.30pm-2.30pm
What's happening: Stunning car display outside the National Art Gallery, which is on the main route to Istanbul through the fantastic city of Sofia!

1st JUNE
The climax of our tour is the mighty Turkish city of Istanbul! This current 'European Capital of Culture' better prepare for a new ruler...GUMBALL 3000 2011 is about to invade!!!!!! Its going to be one hell of a finish party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

City: Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Wednesday 1st June
Location: Central Location, Istanbul
Time: Gumballers arriving from 8pm
What's happening: Final destination and car display. The Gumballers cross the finish line of their 3000 mile road trip in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Gumball 3000 consistently hits the headlines as ‘Cool Britannia’s’ most unique addition to pop culture, described by Vanity Fair Magazine as ‘the most rock ‘n’ roll car rally ever staged’, famed for its exploits and celebrity participation. The event annually attracts global stars including Oscar-winning stars of the Pianist Adrien Brody, Jackass’ Jonny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn, David Hasselhoff, Hugh Hefner, The Wire's Idris Elba, supermodels Jodie Kidd, Caprice and Tyson Beckford, Kill Bill’s Daryl Hannah, action sports legends Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, Carey Hart, and rock stars including Snoop Dogg, Eve, Bun B, Cypress Hill, Travis Barker, Jamiroquai and Xzibit!

The fee is £25,000 per car (two people), for a full-on week of partying, high jinks and adrenaline fuelled adventure! The fee includes hotels each night, food, parties and checkpoints on route.