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In President Kieschnick’s new book Waking the Sleeping Giant, he wrote on the 2nd page of the introduction:

“I was born a Christian and, by God’s grace I will die a
Christian.” — President Kieschnick

Mindful of the Glory due Our Lord and the vital necessity for clear teaching of God’s Word in the LCMS, I went to the March 30, 2010 booking signing at the International Center in St Louis.

I had a cordial exchange with President Kieschnick and offered to meet with him to discuss using the internet to help him send out a correction of his misleading statement which robs God of His Glory.

Watch the video above and see the conversation with President Kieschnick. Then consider how the LCMS today can receive the necessary means and God’s Blessing to achieve our mission.

President Pfotenhauer, in 1932, told us how:

“When Children of God are eager to promote their
Savior’s Glory, the Lord supplies the necessary means and Blesses
them.” — President Pfotenhauer

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford


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