Monthly Archive for May, 2004

Letter from Dan Ford to Praesidium

May 28, 2004

Dear Pastors,
I am responding to your letter which my brother, Charles Ford, forwarded to me. His health does not allow him to respond at this time. My brothers, Charles and Bill, and I have worked together on this issue for years, and I am happy to respond to your letter. I believe you will find useful the information I am sending.

The question was raised as for the source of Charles’ information. That is a good question. The material is public. The vast majority of it comes directly from the institutions named in Charles’ letter to you.

A better question might be: Why are the appropriate authorities and the members of our Church not aware of this information?

I am sending you two booklets.

The first booklets includes the complete rosters of the two leading organization of Gay Advocates in the ELCA along with their public letter to the Presiding Bishop of ELCA clearly explaining their goal of gay marriage and the ordination of active homosexual men and women as pastors. They go on to label traditional Christian teaching against their goals as “false teachings”.

Let me stop here. The real point of Charles letter and my letter to you is a fundamental question:

If the LCMS really believes our traditional teaching is of the Lord and is His truth: Should we not refuse to pray with, work with, or fund the people on this roster of false teachers?

The RIC congregations and student groups that have chosen to publicly make a false confession are also to be “marked and avoided.” Romans 16.

The second booklet is information about the relationship between Wheatridge Ministries, a LCMS RSO, and Crossroads Ministries.

Since 1995 Wheatridge Ministries has spent $80,000 funding two grants to Crossroads and is seeking funding of $25,000 for a third grant.

The North Illinois District has spent over $100,000 between 2001 and 2004 for Crossroads training and the ongoing work of the “anti-racism teams”. These teams are currently requesting the NID Board of Directors to get funding for more Crossroads training.

Both Joseph Barndt, the co-founder of Crossroads, and its major author and Chuck Ruehle, the co-director, are on the 1992 roster of the Network.

Several “Continuum” sheets from Crossroads training sessions are included. This is the Crossroads vision of the future. Please notice that the gay agenda is a standard part of their vision. They also routinely accuse the groups they are training of harboring hypocrites who say they have “no problem”.

When they came to the Northern Illinois District, Crossroads dropped it standard reference to gays and lesbians being oppressed. Did Crossroads conclude the Northern Illinois District has no problem?

Of course not. After the NID “antiracism team” are “trained” the goal will become to get them to “network” with the other “antiracism teams,” who have taken the standard training, in the Crossroads LDI (Leadership Development Institute). Please visit the Crossroads website and read about the LDI.

Please notice that there are two “Final Reports” on the 2001-2004 NID grant. The 2003 report has been permanently removed. Can you see why?

In the 1995-1998 grant, Chuck Ruehle makes the point that Crossroads works only with those who share its views on “systemic racism”. Read Barndt book, my quotes from his earlier books, and the critic by the professors of the University of Alabama of Barndt’s book.

Finally, please read Joe Barndt’s denigration of the victims of 9-11-01.

Do any of you think this collection of false teachers should be funded by monies from LCMS congregations?

I believe it is sinful that our members study under, and pray with, these false teachers.

Do any of you disagree with me?

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford