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Hallowed be Thy Name

Dear Pastor, or, rostered Church Leader,

Today the ELCA released a new 64 page study document as a part of the effort of some to change 2000 years of Church teaching about sexuality and marriage.

Wheat Ridge Ministries, an RSO, which is one of the most political protected institutions in the Missouri Synod, continues to fund the most radical gay agenda advocates. In May 7, 2007 Wheat Ridge announced that it was awarding $45,000 to the Welcoming Ministry to help the homeless in San Francisco. In August, 2007 Wheat Ridge’s newsletter introduced the Welcome Ministry’s director, the Rev. Megan Rohrer.

The October 2007 newsletter of the Lutheran Lesbian Gay Ministries (LLGM) noted that besides receiving their $15, 675 contributions, Welcoming Ministry had received “a three year grant of $45,000 from Wheat Ridge Ministries”. “Many grantors noted that four Lutheran congregations coming together to” ordain and to” call Rev. Megan Rohrer was key to awarding their grants.”

Megan Rohrer issued her own press release announcing her ordination which states that a “Consortium of San Francisco Lutheran churches” would “ordain a queer pastor on November 18″ 2006, this ordination would be “in direct conflict with the official policies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).”

“Megan explains, ‘As an extraordinary candidate for ministry, I feel that my access and privilege oblige me to speak openly about the queerness of scripture on behalf of and for the sake of my queer kin. This does not mean talking about queer things all the time, or that I minister only to and for queer people. Rather, it means that I am called to be honest not only about my own queer gender and sexuality, but also about the diverse gender and sexuality constructions in scripture, the nature of God, and in the body of Christ.’” ~ Consortium of San Francisco Lutheran Churches

“On August 27″ 2006, “Ebenezer became the first congregation to vote to call Megan.”, and is also the congregation where she was ordained. Ebenezer, which is an ELCA congregation, is also called “herchurch” and  is one of “Lutherans Concerned/North America’s Reconciling in Christ congregations.” Megan states that the “congregation is an excellent match for” her “theologically.” She is now an associate pastor at Ebenezer.

Please go to , read about the Goddess Rosary ceremonies, see pictures of the Goddess in the Spirituality/Gift section, see pictures in Megan’s ordination and the meet the staff segments.

Watch this 2 minute video, titled A New Beginning, posted Dec. 31, 2005, showing the worship of the Goddess at herchurch. You will recognize many of the people from their pictures in the staff segment. Most of you would never dream of worshiping the pagan idol shown, or using the names they use in their worship. The saddest part of this video is watching a sweet young girl being taught to pray to the Goddess.

Please view Megan Rohrer’s 27 page ordination bulletin. ~ November 18, 2006

  • Page 1, God(dess), there are more than 40 references like this in the service.
  • Communion: “All are welcome to receive Holy Communion.”
  • There will be three communion stations, one with wheat free host and grape juice.
  • Stole: There is greater attention to the Stole being worn then to Communion.
  • Liturgical Dance: There is a picture of Judith on under staff.
  • Page 14: Note: The God(dess) does not have a kingdom- -it is a “kin-dom.”
  • Page 18: In the Lord’s Prayer Megan corrects Jesus who taught us to call upon our Father in heaven. She now is calling on “Father(Mother)” and since Mother doesn’t have a kingdom, God can now only have a “kin-dom”.
  • Page 27: A very interesting biography of Megan.

I was confirmed into the Christian faith, on Palm Sunday, 50 years ago this year. I am deeply thankful for the careful instruction in the Small Catechism I received then. I pray that there are many Pastors and teachers who still love God’s people and are still teaching the faith taught in our Small Catechism.

I’ll write more after we celebrate Easter.

If any of you don’t agree with me simply send me a note saying you do not wish to receive any more emails.

Dan Ford

Laymen St. John’s Lutheran Church, Wheaton Illinois