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A Prayer for the Delegates

July 12, 2007

Dear Delegates,

May God bless you in your travels and as you serve our Lord at our LCMS 2007 Convention.

I pray that you will chose leaders who want to lead you in prayer for our ELCA brothers and sisters whose Biblical faith and witness will be under attack again by homosexual agenda advocates at the August 2007 ELCA Churchwide assembly.

In 2001 President Kieschnick traveled to New York to pray with ELCA leaders, because of 9/11. He engaged in a joint worship with well known ELCA gay agenda leaders, at an ELCA church, which publicly advocates the gay agenda on its website.

After 9/11, President Kieschnick approved of prayer, with non-Christian clergy, at Yankee Stadium because the issue was important to him.

Now, when, intercessory prayer, lead by him, at our own convention is requested; for our ELCA Lutheran brethren under great spiritual attack, where is his interest?

When, the 1st vice-president fails to keep the homosexual agenda out of Wheatridge Ministries, where is President Kieschnick interest?

Let us have leaders who are ablaze to fulfill Christ’s prayer to “our Father who art in heaven” that “thy will be done “which completely excludes the gay agenda, and that He would “deliver us from evil”. The “us” includes all the believers under attack in the ELCA.

Dan Ford
Lay Member
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Wheaton IL


First Vice-President Diekelman – Wheatridge Ministries

Wheatridge Ministries, during 2004-2005, awarded three grants totaling $115,000 to ELCA Institutions publicly committed to the Homosexual Agenda.The grant awarded in May, 2004, to Central City Lutheran Mission, resulted in that congregation being expelled from the ELCA in December, 2004. That’s undoubtedly a new First for Wheatridge Ministries and the LCMS 1st Vice-President, William Diekelman, who served as Chairperson of its Board of Directors.

July 11, 2007

Dear Delegates,

In February , 2004, my brother, Professor Charles Ford wrote a study and a short letter to the LCMS Presidium concerning how LCMS RSO’s like Wheatridge Ministries, have spent over $100,000 to fund training projects of Crossroads Ministry, an institution lead by ELCA homosexual agenda advocates. Rev. Charles Mueller Jr. was a member of the Northern Illinois District Board of Directors which voted to authorize a project.

The founder, and then director of Crossroads Ministry, Rev. Joseph Barndt, mocks God’s great act of liberating Israel from Egypt, accuses all Whites in America of benefiting from racism , promotes the homosexual Agenda, and is a member of the Network for Inclusive Vision

Charles’ letter concluded that “the Presidium of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod should adopt a policy which directs all of its districts, congregations, pastors, recognized service organizations (RSOs), auxiliaries, and other affiliates to cease all cooperatives efforts with people are rostered in the Network for Inclusive Vision and, indeed, in all open homosexual advocacy groups which are evolving in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.”

This good advice was totally ignored; let’s look at the result.

On May 10, 2004, Wheatridge Ministries announced that it had awarded $35,000 for the Community Health Accountability Project at Central City Lutheran Mission. This funded a “liaison” for the CCLM Wellness Center, Rev. Jenny Mason, a lesbian who had a “partner” and had been removed from the ELCA’s clergy roster in 2001. Within 6 months, the ELCA removed CCLM from its roster.

In May, 2005, Wheatridge Ministries announced a $40,000 grant to Bridge of Peace Community Church an ELCA Church in Camden NJ, which has the gay agenda on its web site and is on the roster of “Gay Friendly Churches in New Jersey.”

Another $40,000 Wheatridge grant went to Lutheran Church of the Cross, in Berkeley, Ca. which has links to two Homosexual advocacy groups on its web site. The Lutheran Volunteer Corp and East Bay Lutheran Parish, a project of the Lutheran Lesbian and Gay movement (LLGM).

No prior 1st Vice President of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod has conducted his office in this way.

It may be accurate to describe Rev. William Diekelman as “ablaze”, but what is he ablaze for?

Note: Please forward this email to your circuit’s lay delegate. THANK YOU

Dan Ford

Lay member
St John’s Lutheran Church
Wheaton IL


Letter from Dan Ford to Delegates concerning Overture 3-101

July 9, 2007

Dear Delegate,
Committee 3 has rejected Overture 3-101, which has one simple resolve, that the President of Synod lead the 2007 LCMS convention in prayer for the ELCA.

Resolved, That the President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod lead the 2007 LCMS Convention in prayer for the ELCA, imploring our Father in heaven to bestow the Holy Spirit so that all false teaching regarding human sexuality, marriage, and homosexuality in the ELCA be uprooted by the Word of God for the good of the members and congregations of the ELCA and for the sake of those within and without the ELCA who are trapped in ungodly sexuality.

Committee 3 assigned the overture to Resolution B, and referenced Resolution 3-07 of the 2004 Synod Convention (available from the Synod’s website).

2004 Resolution 3-07 says nothing about prayer for the ELCA; it talks about the President, or Presidium, making a report to Synod at some future time. It would have been very helpful, at this time, if there were a report from the President of Synod, about the crisis in the ELCA, which the delegates could have considered. Since it doesn’t exist, I will try to bring the delegates up to date.

The ELCA, meeting in August, 2007, and again, in 2009, faces the greatest crisis of its existence. This 2007 Convention is the last opportunity for the LCMS to act concerning the ELCA.

In August 2006, the Bishop of Southeastern Synod ELCA, Rev. Ronald Warren, filed charges against Rev. Bradley Schmeling of Atlanta, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta, because he had publicly “entered a life-long, committed relationship” with another man.

In February 2007, a ELCA disciplinary hearing committee voted to remove Pastor Schmeling, but also said the ELCA should change it bylaws which currently require the removal of active homosexual clergy, and set a very late date, Aug. 15, 2007 for his removal ,to allow the issue to come to the ELCA August Churchwide Assembly.

Since January 2007, more than 20 ELCA synods have passed memorials asking the ELCA to change their bylaws, and to permit clergy to enter homosexual partnerships. The first Bishop of ELCA, Rev. Herbert Chilstrom, who testified for Bradley Schmeling at his trial, has published a recent article supporting Rev. Schmeling’s actions. On June 2, 2007 Rev. Schmeling addressed the Southeast Synod assembly as a candidate for Bishop. On June 24 2007, Rev. Schmeling was the male Grand Marshal of the Atlanta Gay Pride parade.

On July 2, 2007 the ELCA Committee on Appeals ruled the February disciplinary hearing committee had exceeded its authority in staying its decision, and that Rev. Schmeling was to be removed from the ELCA roster effective that day.
Rev. Schmeling comments included that “The church can only resist the Holy Spirit for so long.”

If ever the ELCA needed the prayers of the LCMS, now is that time.

If you go to you will find links for all the facts presented, including television interviews of Rev. Schmeling.

Dan Ford

Note: Please forward this email to your circuit’s lay delegate. THANK YOU

Explaining the crisis in the ELCA created by Rev. Bradley Schmeling.

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