Monthly Archive for July, 2004

Letter from Dan Ford to Synodical Delegates

July 2, 2004

Dear Delegate,
May God Bless you as you prepare to serve Him at our Synodical Convention.

Rev. Dr. Ralph Bohlmann, President Emeritus LCMS, has written you a six page letter and has a letter published in the July Reporter on line. In both letters he is asking the delegates to vote in a manner to assure that the BOD admit it was mistaken in its views and that it will assure the Church it will accept President Kieschnick’s position in the future.

I am writing to ask you to consider an issue where souls are being lead away from Christ and leaders in our Church are not aware of the danger or are indifferent to it.

On September 19, 2001 President Kieschnick and President Benke worshipped at two services at an ELCA congregation with some of the leading ELCA advocates of the Gay Agenda. ELCA publications reported there were hundreds of ministers involved, including five ELCA bishops. President Kieschnick has never publicly corrected his mistake, and Rev. Benke’s mistake, which clearly violated a Synodical resolution passed by the Convention that had just elected Him. Please read the enclosed letter to President Kieschnick detailing these facts.

President Kieschnick is clearly opposed to the gay agenda, but his unwillingness to correct his mistake should lead you to question his ability to lead our Church.

There are other LCMS leaders who, although opposed to the gay agenda, are indifferent to, or unable to, see how LCMS money and resources are being utilized to support ELCA gay advocates in institutions they are helping to supervise.

The most prominent are Rev. William Diekelman and Rev. Ralph Bohlmann who both served on the Wheatridge Ministries BOD.

Go to website for proof of these statements.

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford