Monthly Archive for June, 2004

Letter from Dan Ford to President Kieschnick

Dear Rev. Kieschnick,
On February 28, 2004, my brother, Professor Charles Ford sent you and other members of the LCMS Presidium a letter concerning how ELCA gay agenda advocates were using Wheatridge Ministries, a LCMS RSO, to fund the gay agenda.

In late May, I sent you over hundred pages documenting Charles’ letter and detailing the very open organizational structures of the ELCA gay agenda advocates. Wheatridge has spent well over hundred thousand dollars funding the work of two organizations lead by gay agenda advocates who include the gay agenda in their programs, Crossroads Ministries and Lutheran Human Relations Association (LHRA).Wheatridge currently has budgeted twenty five thousand dollars for Crossroads Ministry.

July 15, 2001 you were elected President of the LCMS.

July 20, 2001 our LCMS Convention passed 3-21A “affirming the late President Alvin L. Barry’s judgment that “we cannot consider them (the ELCA) to be an orthodox Lutheran church body.”

But we of the LCMS recognize that many of our brothers and sisters of the ELCA remain faithful to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and We Resolve to Reach Out to Them in Love and Support. (Capitalization added)

On July 22, 2001, five ELCA gay agenda advocate groups joined together to form the Lutheran Alliance For Full Participation and sent an official three page letter to the Presiding bishop of the ELCA calling the Scriptural teachings of the Lutheran Church “false teaching” and “spiritual violence”. They spoke of their suffering: they “experienced daily the spiritually deadening effects of having the legitimacy of their relationships demeaned and their calls to the ordained Word and Sacrament ministry challenged”. Having designated themselves victims, they demanded “full participation”; that is the ELCA had to recognize gay marriage and gay ordination. I sent you a copy of this letter last month. The five groups included almost nine hundred ELCA ministers who publicly have roster themselves as gay agenda advocates and far smaller number of ELCA congregations and Synods that had voted to approve the gay agenda and have designated themselves (RIC).

In August 2001 The ELCA Church wide assembly voted to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct a study of human sexuality and officially open the question whether gay marriage and ordination are legitimate. A “final report with an action plan for implementation” was to be submitted to the 2005 Churchwide Assembly.

September 8, 2001 you were installed as President of the LCMS.

September 11, 2001 our Nation was attacked.

Because of the attacks, President Benke, before becoming involved in the Yankee Stadium event, helped arrange for you two joint ELCA-LCMS worship events, as a part of your September 19, 2001 visit to New York.

I enclose the six page folder prepared for the two worship events. Let me delineate the congregation and the five leaders listed in the folder.

The congregation where someone (who?) decided you should worship that day is very unusual. Holy Trinity ELCA had officially acted to adopt the gay agenda (RIC) and announce that fact to the public by noting this on the home page of its website, as well as put up a RIC plaque on its wall. In spite of the fact the New York Metro Synod had voted to become a gay agenda synod(RIC) in 1998, by 2000 only 6 congregations out of the 234 congregations in the New York Metro Synod had taken such individual action. I enclose a copy of the website page.

The first name in the worship folder is Rev. Robert Scholz, the minister of Holy Trinity. He died in February 2004. He was one of the leading gay agenda advocates in the ELCA, certainly in the Metro New York Synod. In the 2000 MNYS assembly, 28 conservatives pastors had organized a effort to reverse the 1998 Synod action declaring the MNYS to be a RIC synod and had submitted a thoughtful and devastating criticism of this designation.

In the minutes of the 2000 MNYS assembly, the officially chosen leader of the gay agenda advocates was Rev. Robert Scholz. He won this battle to maintain the Synod’s RIC designation 306 to 129 votes. Then they went on to win a vote to request the ELCA to establish a Commission for Gays and Lesbians, and won a third vote to establish a MNYS Commission for Gays and Lesbians. Rev. Robert Scholz was selected to be chairmen of the MNYS commission for Gays and Lesbians.

At the June 2001 MNYS assembly Rev. Scholz co-sponsored a resolution to challenge the Boys Scouts in the Metro New York areas to approve of “full participation” for gays. The resolution was approved. This is the man who lead the two worship services you participated in that day.

The second man is Bishop Steve Bouman, who is the elected head of MNYS, which had twice-in 1998 and in 2000-voted to support the gay agenda and publicly list itself as an RIC Synod. He is a 1973 Concordia Seminary graduate and was a Seminex supporter.

The third man is ELCA Presiding Bishop George Anderson who had just finished preceding over a Churchwide assembly which decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to consider whether the ELCA should apostatize and desert Christ’s teachings in 2005.

The fourth man is Rev. David Benke, he is the man who lead you into this situation. His contribution, which the ELCA news sources reported, was to say during the “worship service” that “the differences that separate the ELCA and the LCMS “seem so trivial.”

The fifth man is you.

The differences that separate the ELCA and LCMS are monumental.

These joint prayer and worship services clearly violated Synod’s Resolution 3-21A passed just two months earlier.

I know you understand the gay agenda is an offense against our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The god of the gay agenda advocates is not the God of Holy Scripture. This is the reason you should repent for praying with them.

The first job an ecclesiastical Supervisor should do, is to supervise himself.

Yours in Christ
Dan Ford


Letter from Dan Ford to Praesidium

June 01, 2004

Dear Pastors,
The enclosed booklet clearly demonstrates the strong-and publiccommitment of Lutheran Human Relations Association (LHRA) to the gay agenda–and to Wheatridge Ministries strong support of LHRA.

Note this sentence at the end of the LHRA report to Wheatridge. The commitment of Wheatridge Ministries to healing and wholeness is an important partnership to us as we work to bring greater healing and wholeness to individuals and congregations on issues of race and other human oppressions.

I believe I have fulfilled your request for “clear documentation” that “leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America who promote the homosexual agenda are being employed, promoted, and funded by institutions within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and its Recognized Service Organizations.”

We should give God the glory due Him and no longer pray with, work with, or fund the false teachers , institutions, and congregations that subscribe to the gay agenda.

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford