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A Promise To You, Our Customer
In a world where many value form more than substance, where good old fashioned customer service has gone the way of robotic words on voice mail, a world where profit often overtakes ethics, Color Bakery is bucking the trend. We're adamantly committed to serving you personally, quickly and making sure your needs are met with enthusiasm. If you are not happy, we want to know why so we can fix it. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask us and we will answer personally and rapidly. If you want something special, we will leave no stone unturned to create it for you. If we can't create what you envision, we'll tell you why, and come up with options. We never take our customers for granted, and will go out of our way to make your shopping experience as enjoyable, fun and personal as we possibly can. Treating others with honesty and respect is a way of life, not just a way to run a business. -Glen and Mindy Sommers

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Mindy's Office; click image to see full-size squalor;)Who Are We?
We are a happily married husband and wife team living in Vermont, in a big, old purple house (see pic above) that our small town is *still* buzzing about. :) We have two cats, Marcie and Casper, and if you look around our home, you'll notice we still haven't grown up. For Halloween, it's toys and animated skulls and witches; for Christmas, every room is decorated to the hilt. We love color so much that our trees outside are studded with colored lights, making the whole area light up (softly) with beautiful hues year 'round. The neighbors love it. Yeh, they think we're crazy, but they do love the color we bring to the 'hood. ;)

Color Bakery, a leader in custom tile, custom home decor and personalize art gifts, is much more than just our business, it's a big portion of our life. We enjoy what we do immensely--every tile mural, custom tile, tile floor, clock, serving tray, backsplash etc. we make is truly a labor of love. Making beautiful things with our hands and working with luscious color is just the coolest thing, and we feel lucky to be able to share our love of beautiful things with you. I am the artist and my husband Glen is the color baker. ;)

We have been path-pavers in the art tile and tile murals business for almost five years. Our line of art tile murals, home decor products and unusual art gifts has literally defined the art tile and tile mural industry. We have had glowing mentions in home decor magazines such as From House to Home, and major home decor sites such as's Home Interiors. Home and Garden News and Old House Web have all written about our unusual and high end art and intensely customized approach to tile wall murals, art gifts and home decor. In fact, our line is highly recommended by some of the country's top architects and interior designers. You'll find Color Bakery products in many of the finest stores and galleries in the country.

When it comes to custom imaging on tiles, we reside in an industry that generally relies on freely available clip art, generica photography and public domain classic artworks. Color Bakery is undoubtedly the only non-kiln tile and tile mural company with the diversified and huge array of original artworks in so many different genres. In the tile mural industry, there is very little original art to be found. Further, custom design is an arena in which we most assuredly dominate; nobody else comes close to offering our wide array of custom art and design services. These services include custom "from scratch" art such as dreamscapes, florals, impressionist paintings, custom patterns, collages, portraits, stained glass art, vintage art, pop art and more. If you can dream it up, we can bring it to life.

What makes Color Bakery different?
Unlike some companies who do this kind of personalized, custom work, we manufacture everything ourselves. This means you and us together have total control over the quality of the product.

sheer amount of art, style and product choices is unprecedented. We also do custom work--sometimes wholly from scratch--whether you want a painting, art or photo collage, color series, pattern, etc, we can make it happen. Most of the art you see here you will not see anywhere else. That is a guarantee. (We also have a huge, private archive of fine art and stock photography. If we don't have what you want, we can get it for you. Or create it. We can confidently guarantee that, and we don't say that lightly.

•Color. Color. It's all about the color. We take color very, very seriously, and have state-of-the-art calibration software so that the colors are consistently true, accurate and vibrant.

•It takes an artist. We're not merely printers. We're artists and designers. Many people can take images and slap them on tiles. But fine craftsmanship, true quality, is in the details and the subtleties. It's about knowing how to crop an image to its best advantage. Sometimes getting a crop just right can take an hour or more. It's about helping you select and coordinate color schemes, tile finishes, designs and art that will make your vision come alive. It's about designing art from scratch that makes your heart sing every time you look at it.

•We pride ourselves on intensely personal and focused customer service. We are committed to our customers, and, as artists, know how important color accuracy, quality and the personal touch can make in the end result.

We offer full, from-scratch, custom design and art capability. We can take your vision and transform it onto tile, glass, stone and many other products. We can also create custom collages and beautiful digital portraits. Bottom line? If you can envision it, we can bring it to life. Click here to read more about our capabilities and the services we offer. Give us a test.

What's the easiest way to browse all the art choices on this site?
See the navigation on top of every page? Click on the "select art" link and choose your category. Or, check out our product list first and start there. Then, you can make your art selection afterwards.

Let's Talk About Tile Murals and Custom Tile!
Tiles are not only incredibly popular, but are one of the most wonderful ways to add color and style to one's home and personal surroundings. Deliciously lush, intensely colorful and full of texture, not to mention dramatic, the possibilities that tiles offer are only limited by one's imagination and sense of adventure. Tiles may be displayed individually on easels, in frames, trivets or lit from behind with light (glass). They can be displayed in tile murals, backsplashes for a kitchen or as borders in a child's room or bathroom, as glass floors, in wall sconces, in mirrors, as decoration in furniture and a wide array of beautiful items that bring depth and dancing color to the home. Tiles not only last much longer than traditional art on paper, which fades and yellows with time-but tiles also offer a depth of color and vibrance that paper or canvas cannot match, not to mention diversity of application and large size availability. We have ceramic, glass and tumbled stone. Tiles rock. 'Nuff said. ;)

What Do We Make?
Tons of cool stuff. Tile wall murals, tile floors, backsplashes, tile accents and tile borders, glass cutting boards, wall mirrors, glass, stone and ceramic clocks, keepsake and jewelry boxes, wall mirrors, placemats and napkin sets, tote and shoulderbags and a whole line of custom tile furniture....and more. Click here to see our product list.

Tell me about the artist behind Color Bakery.
Color Bakery started after years of enthusiasm Mindy Sommers received from website surfers about her displayed art. "Oh, I'd love that art on my wall," or "please make stuff I can get for my home with your art on it." She was told her art was joyous, uplifting, inspirational. In time, her successful graphic design and digital painting business expanded as her art was purchased for book covers, as prints and canvas, written about or used as cover art in magazines, bundled with software, and used for fabric and fashion. "Nothing prepared me for the excitement of putting my work on glass, stone and ceramic tile. Unlike prints or canvas, tiles are 3-D, tactile, and have a vibrance and depth of brilliant color that prints simply cannot match. The first time I saw my work blown up in a six foot by six foot glass mural, I was pretty much blown away by what tiles could do." Today, Mindy Sommers' work is enjoyed by customers all over the globe. As a licensed artist exclusively through Art Licensing, Mindy's work is also manufactured on a wide array of gift, home decor and art items sold by major retailers the world over. Mindy's "Apple Peel Brook" is the packaging for one of the hottest new perfumes in Australia called "Flourish."

What's With That Cat?
The kitty above is Marcie, (also known as "Her Grayness " and "Marcie Bite-Bite") a gentle and incredibly sweet-natured Maine Coon who showed up on our porch about five years ago, pretty much in shock. She was about three weeks old, filthy, starving, dehydrated, flea and tick ridden, and really scared, not to mention near death. Now she is part of the family, and we can't imagine life without her. I've never known a cat who never got angry and never hissed, but Marcie is just a big old loveable goofball who's as smart as she is goofy. Marcie fetches, begs and plays rough like a dog. She's just an amazing kitty and we dote on her.

hope you enjoy your visit to Color Bakery, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Interested buyers may call us at 802.287.9098, 11am-7pm Eastern time, seven days a week. Or click here to email us.

Glen and Mindy Sommers

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"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint." -Picasso
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