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c4u return...

Posted by nzNic on the 29th of May 2011 at 10:25 AM in Team News.   3 Comments

uk c4u have now returned to the UK Counter-Strike scene, sadly playing Source.

Three of the players will be familar to 1.6 stalwarts in the shape of uk Alex "eLm" Campbell, uk Luke "KritikaL" Green and uk Matthew "ZEOX" Goode.

KritikaL commented:

After about 3-4 months away from the game, i've decided to return with some long standing friends in the game. My education and career will always come first, this will always be my focus, but with my exams coming up I wanted to get myself back in the game before I started my exam period so I could use my summer vacation to attend a few lans and have a laugh and hopefully be given the opportunity to once again travel the world playing a game that I have enjoyed playing for over 11 years now.

My exams finish on the 8th of July and from that moment onwards apart from my job, I have a lot of spare time to focus on gaming and generally having a good time.

The lineup is completed by two source players by the names of uk Chris "Bowzar" Bowey and sx Dave "HendersoN" HendersoN.

The team will be taking part in the upcoming CSS ESL EPS season.

c4u is:

uk Chris "Bowzar" Bowey
uk Alex "eLm" Campbell
sx Dave "HendersoN" HendersoN
uk Luke "KritikaL" Green
uk Matthew "ZEOX" Goode

Good to see the name back, even if it's playing the wrong game!

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GamerHouse add fnx

Posted by ukeRnie_KK on the 10th of May 2011 at 7:48 AM in Team News.
Authorised by ukmarkd.   2 Comments

Today bra GamerHouse has announced the addition of bra Lincoln "fnx" Lau to their roster. Since Lau has been without a team since he left ex-compLexity last month after having a argument within the team during a CSS match.

Lau will be taking up the position which has been left by bra Eduardo "shemp" Ferreira, who has chose to leave the team only just joining from FireGamers.

Ferreira has been a strong candidate to be replacing bra Bruno "bit" Fukuda in the ex-coL team.

GamerHouse is now:

bra Henrique "rikz" Waku
bra Vito "kNg" Giuseppe
bra Lorenzo "lrz" Caruso
bra Nathan "fv" Mendes
bra Lincoln "fnx" Lau

Good Luck!

Universal Soldiers with a royal addition

Posted by ukeRnie_KK on the 9th of May 2011 at 11:02 AM in Team News.
Authorised by ukmarkd.   0 Comments

plUniversal Soldiers have decided to replace Szymon "Simi" Lowczynski with Matuesz "KING" Przedpelski which is going to be Przedpelski's return to the competitive scene after a year break. Przedpelski's was last seen playing for PGC, which the team made a suprise to all and qualified for WCG last year.

Cybersports.pl has information to know the reason for the departure of Lowczynski is due to disagreements between himself and other team members which was causing the team to not perform well.

Przedpelski made his debut for plUniversal Soldiers last night, in the Intel Challenge SuperCup #8 against fiOnline Kingdom were they lost the match 16-4.

Universal Soldiers is now:
plWojciech " break "Paszkiewicz
plJarek " Jaro "Kozlowski
plJacek " minis "Jeziak
plBartek MEGABARTEK "Grzywacz
plMatu " KING "Przedpelski

Good luck!

James Starkey on The Wagoon

Posted by plLogit on the 23rd of April 2011 at 2:12 PM in Team News.
Authorised by nzNic.   13 Comments

After several months of searching for a new top tier team to join, James Starkey has finally found what he was looking for in the ranks of The Wagoon

The team consists of
uk James Starkey
uk nGen
at DragoN
uk zykaN

uk Ben 'instinct/UKSFROD/prime' Hartly (sub)

The team will be competing in SGL 14 and attending DreamHack

theSGL European Challenge

Posted by uksmc123 on the 18th of April 2011 at 12:54 PM in Gaming News.
Authorised by ukmarkd.   4 Comments

Over at theSGL they have announced a European tournament. They've managed to attract some good teams to the mix and it's all due to kick off from Sunday 8th May.

The Teams:

uk myRevenge
uk Inyourmind
uk Core Gaming
ser neWave
sl OX.Enermax
bg HeadshotBG
rom IGotGame
pl Gameburg
fr nSydia
ua Maverick
cze NecroRaisers

The format of the tournament will be 2 leagues of 6 teams, a game will be played each week BO1 (best of 1) and each team will play each other only once (5 games in total). The top 4 teams in the final standings from both leagues will earn themselves a spot in the playoffs; a double elimination bracket to determine theSGL's European Champions!

Leagues will be announced in #theSGL at 20:00 (21:00CET) on Monday 25th April.

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ukb8zJun 23, 17:35

both creeps.

ukBenjeJun 22, 22:26

LOL the welsh ambassador for Aunt Bessies

ukimMuneJun 22, 21:17

still eating pies for breakfast b8z u fat ferenghi

nltolgaJun 22, 17:10

fair to assume UKCS has officially died.

ukets-Jun 22, 16:52

yeah man, fucking packed with all the latest news, and hitting a new high of daily visitors!

rudpravedJun 21, 23:42

this site still alive zomg

ukNukeDJun 20, 18:02

no idea where that came from.

ukNukeDJun 20, 18:02

no idea where that came from.

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