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U.S. Diplomatic chiefs of mission to Cuba

James G. Forbes (Special Diplomatic Agent 1821) Gilbert L. Thompson (Special Diplomatic Agent 1821) James Biddle (Special Diplomatic Agent 1822) Thomas Randall (Special Diplomatic Agent 1823-24) Richard K. Call (Special Diplomatic Agent 1829-30) William Shaler (Special Diplomatic Agent 1832) Jeremy Robinson (Special Diplomatic Agent 1832-34) Richard J. Cleveland (Special Diplomatic Agent 1833) Nicholas Philip Trist (Special Diplomatic Agent 1834) Alexander H. Everett (Special Diplomatic Agent 1840) Tully R. Wise (Special Diplomatic Agent 1842) William Linn Brown (Special Diplomatic Agent 1846) Alexander Slidell McKenzie (Special Diplomatic Agent 1846) Charles Morris (Special Diplomatic Agent 1850) Foxhall A. Parker (Special Diplomatic Agent 1851) Charles W. Davis (Special Diplomatic Agent 1854) Thomas Biddle (Special Diplomatic Agent 1866) Herbert G. Squiers (Minister 1902-05) Edwin V. Morgan (Minister 1905-10) John B. Jackson (Minister 1910-11) Arthur M. Beaupré (Minister 1911-13) William E. Gonzales (Minister 1913-19) Boaz Long (Minister 1919-21) Enoch Herbert Crowder (Ambassador 1923-27) Noble Brandon Judah (Ambassador 1927-29) Harry F. Guggenheim (Ambassador 1929-33) Sumner Welles (Ambassador 1933) Jefferson Caffery (Ambassador 1934-37) J. Butler Wright (Ambassador 1937-39) George S. Messersmith (Ambassador 1940-42) Spruille Braden (Ambassador 1942-45) R. Henry Norweb (Ambassador 1945-48) Robert Butler (Ambassador 1948-51) Willard L. Beaulac (Ambassador 1951-53) Arthur Gardner (Ambassador 1953-57) Earl E. T. Smith (Ambassador 1957-59) Philip W. Bonsal (Ambassador 1959-60)

U.S. Consuls in Cuba

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U.S. Politicians who were born in Cuba

U.S. Politicians who lived in Cuba

U.S. Politicians who died in Cuba

Cemeteries and Memorial Sites of U.S. Politicians in Cuba

Necropolis Cristobal Colon
Havana, Cuba

Politicians buried here:

Colon Cemetery
La Habana, Cuba

Politicians buried here:

San Carlos Cemetery
Matanzas, Cuba

Politicians buried here:

"Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
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