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Class of 2013 Profile

(as of August 20, 2009)

We provide this profile of the entering first-year class to give website visitors a glimpse into the high school achievements of enrolling students at Bowdoin. Numbers alone can never provide a complete picture of Bowdoin students, and no individual student is described by an average or median figure. Similarly, the Admissions Committee avoids relying on numbers and statistics to guide our selection process.  Rather, Bowdoin takes a thorough and holistic approach that gauges the academic and personal contributions each student has the potential to make to Bowdoin’s community. We hope that this profile will help students, parents and counselors understand the overall profile of the applicant group; we encourage interest and applications from a wide variety of students including but not limited to those whose grades, scores and other standard measurements fit neatly into the profile.

First-Year (FY) Applications Received: 5,940

Percentage of FY Applicants Admitted: 19.4%

Size of the Incoming Class: 494

Gender distribution of the FY Class: 253 female/241 male (51% female/49% male)

Percentage of Students of Color in the FY Class of 2013: 31%

  • 7% African-American or Black
  • 10% Asian-American or Pacific Islander
  • 14% Hispanic-Latino, Chicano, or Puerto Rican
  • 1% American Indian or Alaskan Native

Percentage of class with an international background: 6%

Percentage of class who are Maine residents: 12%

Percentage of class from outside New England: 60%

Percentage of class from public schools: 56%; from independent and parochial schools: 44%

Early Decision applicants: 694

Early Decision enrolled: 202

Testing for the Class of 2013 (for the 83% who submitted testing):

SAT Critical Reading SAT Math ACT
710 710 32
Middle 50% 660-750 660-750 30-33