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Friday, 28th July 2006

Nick and Sharon tell Noah that they are divorcing. Noah becomes furious, saying that they arent a family anymore. He tears up the drawing, and then runs up to his room. Sharon demands to know if Nicks staying with Phyllis now. Dru calls Yves and books a romantic dinner for her and Neil. Neil states that hes too busy to go. Dru asks him what has happened to their relationship, and Neil honestly answers that he doesnt know. In Cleveland, Paul worries if Brad is making sure that no one finds out about his past. At home, Brad reveals that his family is from Rome and in 1943 the Nazis came in and took everything, then killed his mothers family. She was put to work by the Nazis to catalogue stolen artwork. She knew who it originally belonged to and where it was, and didnt want to be found out or else she would be killed. They had to change their names once they escaped to America. Colleen is stunned and relieved to learn that her father isnt a murderer. Colleen asks who the real Brad Carlton was, and he said it was his best friend in high school. He was hit by a car and he switched I.D.s with the real Brad so that he could start a new life. He helped his mother go underground, and then police thought the case was solved when they found the real Brad Carlton dead with his old I.D. Brad asks if she thinks she was followed from Cleveland, and they both become worried, wondering if someone is out to get him right now. A man walks into Newman Enterprises and asks Neil where George Kaplans office is. He walks into Brads office and starts going through his drawers. Victoria walks in and demands to know who he is and what he is doing there. Victoria calls Brad and leaves him a message about the creepy guy she just found in his office. Victoria comes home. Brad, Colleen, and Abby are all ready to go, and Brad reveals that hes surprising the family with a trip to Hawaii, and that they are leaving right now. Sharon goes to Brads house, and when she enters the open door a man puts his hand around her mouth. Brad, Victoria, Colleen, and Abby get on the plane. An older woman is already on the plane waiting, and Brad introduces them all to his mother, Rebecca.

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