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In 1966 the Pakistan Navy created its own commando unit, the Naval Special Services (SSGN). Training was initially conducted by SSG in Cherat, Peshawar and Karachi bases. The SSGN currently maintains headquarters in Karachi headed by Pakistan Navy Commander. It has a strength of one company and is assigned to unconventional warfare operations in the coastal regions. In war, the SSGN would make use of the Pakistan Navy's midget submarine fleet. Parachute training is conducted by Army SSG. All other training of SSGN is held at the SSGN training center, PNS Iqbal in Karachi. Some students are sent to US for specialist courses. Since 1970s the SSGN holds joint exercises with the U.S. Navy SEALs and the Imperial Iranian Navy.


Uniforms and Insignia

SSGN is distinguished by a dark blue beret with three versions of the 'fouled anchor' Navy badge for officers, NCOs and enlisted men. A metal SSGN qualification badge featuring a vertical dagger superimposed over a midget submarine is worn over the left pocket on dress uniforms. Parachute wings are worn over the right pocket



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