How to Fade Unwanted Screen Areas in Windows

My recent love is doing video casts and I was searching for a utility which can dim specific areas of the Windows screen. I would like to focus on an active Window, perform some tasks and capture the video using a screen capture tool.

Cinemadrape in awesome application for Windows which can be used to completely fade out selected areas of the screen. You can run the software and select an active Window to focus on, everything else is completely faded out as shown below:

Fade or Dim specific areas of Windows Screen

This can be really useful when you are watching a movie, drawing something or writing articles. You can dim the background and move the visible area anywhere on the screen. There is a portable version of the application available at the authors website, so you can drop the app in your USB drive and use it on any computer.

We have earlier covered some tools for Distraction free writing and a WordPress plugin to customize your write post panel. Do check them out!

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