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The 7th Academy Awards (1935) Nominees and Winners

Held at the Biltmore Bowl of the Biltmore Hotel on Wednesday, February 27, 1935,
honoring movies released in 1934.

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in a scene from "It Happened One Night"

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in a scene from "It Happened One Night."


  • Clark Gable in "It Happened One Night"
  • Frank Morgan in "The Affairs of Cellini"
  • William Powell in "The Thin Man"


  • Claudette Colbert in "It Happened One Night"
  • Bette Davis in "Of Human Bondage"
  • Grace Moore in "One Night of Love"
  • Norma Shearer in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street"

Art Direction

  • "The Affairs of Cellini" Richard Day
  • "The Gay Divorcee" Van Nest Polglase, Carroll Clark
  • "The Merry Widow" Cedric Gibbons, Frederic Hope

Assistant Director

  • "Cleopatra" Cullen Tate
  • "Imitation of Life" Scott Beal
  • "Viva Villa!" John Waters


  • "The Affairs of Cellini" Charles Rosher
  • "Cleopatra" Victor Milner
  • "Operator 13" George Folsey


  • "It Happened One Night" Frank Capra
  • "One Night of Love" Victor Schertzinger
  • "The Thin Man" W. S. Van Dyke

Film Editing

  • "Cleopatra" Anne Bauchens
  • "Eskimo" Conrad Nervig
  • "One Night of Love" Gene Milford

Music (Scoring)

  • "The Gay Divorcee" RKO Radio Studio Music Department, Max Steiner, head of department
  • "The Lost Patrol" RKO Radio Studio Music Department, Max Steiner, head of department
  • "One Night of Love" Columbia Studio Music Department, Louis Silvers, head of department (Thematic Music by Victor Schertzinger and Gus Kahn)

Music (Song)

  • "Carioca" from "Flying Down to Rio" Music by Vincent Youmans; Lyrics by Edward Eliscu and Gus Kahn
  • "The Continental" from "The Gay Divorcee" Music by Con Conrad; Lyrics by Herb Magidson
  • "Love in Bloom" from "She Loves Me Not" Music by Ralph Rainger; Lyrics by Leo Robin

Outstanding Production

  • "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • "Cleopatra" Paramount
  • "Flirtation Walk" First National
  • "The Gay Divorcee" RKO Radio
  • "Here Comes the Navy" Warner Bros.
  • "The House of Rothschild" 20th Century
  • "Imitation of Life" Universal
  • "It Happened One Night" Columbia
  • "One Night of Love" Columbia
  • "The Thin Man" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • "Viva Villa!" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • "The White Parade" Jesse L. Lasky (production company)

Short Subject (Cartoon)

  • "Holiday Land" Charles Mintz, Producer
  • "Jolly Little Elves" Walter Lantz, Producer
  • "The Tortoise and the Hare" Walt Disney, Producer

Short Subject (Comedy)

  • "La Cucaracha" Kenneth Macgowan, Producer
  • "Men in Black" Jules White, Producer
  • "What, No Men!" Warner Bros.

Short Subject (Novelty)

  • "Bosom Friends" Skibo Productions
  • "City of Wax" Stacy Woodard and Horace Woodard, Producers
  • "Strikes and Spares" Pete Smith, Producer

Sound Recording

  • "The Affairs of Cellini" United Artists Studio Sound Department, Thomas T. Moulton, Sound Director
  • "Cleopatra" Paramount Studio Sound Department, Franklin B. Hansen, Sound Director
  • "Flirtation Walk" Warner Bros.-First National Studio Sound Department, Nathan Levinson, Sound Director
  • "The Gay Divorcee" RKO Radio Studio Sound Department, Carl Dreher, Sound Director
  • "Imitation of Life" Universal Studio Sound Department, Theodore Soderberg, Sound Director
  • "One Night of Love" Columbia Studio Sound Department, John Livadary, Sound Director
  • "Viva Villa!" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio Sound Department, Douglas Shearer, Sound Director
  • "The White Parade" Fox Studio Sound Department, E. H. Hansen, Sound Director

Writing (Adaptation)

  • "It Happened One Night" Robert Riskin
  • "The Thin Man" Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett
  • "Viva Villa!" Ben Hecht

Writing (Original Story)

  • "Hide-Out" Mauri Grashin
  • "Manhattan Melodrama" Arthur Caesar
  • "The Richest Girl in the World" Norman Krasna

  • Star indicates a win.