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April 1, 2009 â€" During this morning's session of the House of Commons, Regina-Qu'Appelle MP Andrew Scheer tabled a private member's bill to ban the use of Dihydrogen Monoxide in all buildings owned by the federal government.

"It's shocking to imagine that this substance is found in a dizzying variety of toxic compounds, dangerous pathogens, and environmental hazards," said Scheer. "When you consider that even relatively small amounts of this substance can be fatal if inhaled, it just makes sense to eliminate it from all federal facilities."

Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is a colorless and odorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. The atomic components of DHMO are found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine and Ethyl Alcohol.

"The dangers of this substance have been known for many, many years," said Scheer. "Even so, it continues to be used daily by industry, government, and even in private homes across Canada."

Dihydrogen Monoxide is used industrially as a solvent and coolant, as a fire suppressant in virtually all public buildings, and is even used in community swimming pools, schools, child care facilities, and hospitals.

The substance is a major contributor to millions of dollars in property damage every year. DHMO is a major component of acid rain, can cause severe tissue damage when individuals are exposed to its solid form for prolonged periods of time, and can even eat through solid rock if given enough time.

"On this day, of all days, Canadians will be shocked if all parties in the House of Commons do not have the courage to support this important legislation," said Scheer.