DATE: 18-06-2009


Photos (and comments) from our friend Jill Kerns in Lubbock, Texas:

Matt and Dean doing 'GUNS UP' for Texas Tech. 'Guns Up' is the hand signal used by the Texas Tech sports teams

Even the young crowd has gotten into Buddy! Gage Gregory - age 11

Matt and Dean star as the 'Singing Caballeros'

Buddy's brothers Travis and Larry Holley watching Matt's performance of Buddy

Clear Lake scene

Justin Duncan as the Bopper, Joseph Rodriguez as Ritchie Valens, and Matthew Wycliffe as Buddy

Matt and Dean rockin' out

Matt playin' the guitar!

Ritchie Valens aka Joseph Rodriguez

OH BOY ~ the finale (above and below). Eddy Weir (Buddy's nephew) on electric guitar, Ritchie Valens aka Joseph Rodriguez, Matt, Ingrid Holly Kaiter (Buddy's niece), the Big Bopper aka Justin Duncan

Eddy Weir and Matt rockin' out!

Larry Holley congratulating John, Matt, Dean

Matt's face when Larry Holley told him that he was his brother on that stage... I LOVE LOVE LOVE his face!

Larry Holley and Matt

Dean Elliott talking to Larry Holley

Matt and Travis Holley

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