Like Chaos and Anarchy? You Will Love Red Faction: Guerrilla

Most of you PC gamers probably picked up a few good games during the steam Christmas sale. I to picked up a few good titles to play throughout the year. One of those titles being Red Faction: Guerrilla, a third person sandbox shooter which takes place on Mars in a fully destructible environment. Fully destructible meaning you can destroy any building in game, although you can’t destroy rocks, or dig any holes.

The Story

    Sandbox games aren’t exactly known for having the best stories, and Red Faction: Guerrilla is no exception. The story starts off well enough, your character lands on Mars hoping to earn some money, you meets your brother, see Martian soldiers/officials abusing people, as you might have guessed the soldiers come to abuse you and your brother (for being a part of the terrorist organization), this leads to them killing your brother at which point you are “forced” into joining the Red Faction. Red Faction: Guerrilla Cut Scene

    That is the good part of the story. After this the story deteriorates into you messing shit up, on the behalf of the Red Faction, to force the government to withdraw. So basically after you have commit enough acts of terrorism in a certain area you free them from the oppressive government. Of course before each territory is free you must have one last battle royal with government forces. Additionally after completing a few major goals you get to see a cut scene which will slowly clue you into the overall story. Although you will probably figure out the story 10 seconds into the game.

The Gameplay

    Unlike the story which is weak at best, Red Faction: Guerrilla excels in the gameplay department. Unlike every other sandbox game which allows you to steal stuff, and shoot every npc in sight Red Faction: Guerrilla lets you do all that and destroy every man made structure in sight.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla DestructionI can’t say enough about being able to destroy everything. It really is a lot of good old fashion fun. One issue that did pop up is that the gravity seemed to be very unrealistic. In some instances after whacking out every wall of a building I was left wondering what beastly beam was holding it up, only to find that the problem was one door that I had left standing. Even on Mars one door should not hold up a 20 ton building.

    After a few hours destroying everything gets a little old. At this point I had destroyed every city I had access to, as well as my own base which means I had to restart. Otherwise I would of had to deal with every npc in game hating me.

    Besides for the overall mayhem you can create by destroying everything Red Faction: Guerrilla did have some other cool game play mechanics. One being that as you do damage to the government, assuming you avoid killing civilians, civilians will join your cause. Now these civilians suck at shooting, and tend to die within a minute of taking up arms, but they do provide great distractions. Additionally, as mentioned above, you can kill anyone and steal some sweet vehicles ranging from supply trucks, to full on robots of destruction.

The Graphics

    The graphics in Red Faction: Guerrilla aren’t bad, but they’re fairly buggy. Now I love to see dust swirling around, watch buildings fall after a long day of hitting them with my hammer of doom, and see the general beauty of an environment, but having a game that runs smoothly comes first. Unfortunately for Red Faction: Guerrilla the graphics do everything mentioned above, but are way to buggy.

    The first graphics issue which I encountered was simply lag. Now this probably had a little to do with the fact that I don’t haveRed Faction: Guerrilla Car Chase the money to keep my system upgraded, but still on the low graphics setting a game shouldn’t lag that much (my computer isn’t that bad). Luckily the fix was simple, all I had to do was change the threaded optimization from on to off for my NVidia graphics card. This fix is a simple one, but from reading the multitude of comments on various forums I realized that this issue is much to common. If I buy a game I expect it to run upon initialization, not after initialization and an hour or two of trouble shooting.

    The other graphics issue I had unfortunately wasn’t fixable and throughout the game was a constant nuisance. This issue being that the main characters cape seemed to, at random, fly up and create a brown “wall” stretching as far as the eye could see. During fights, explosions, car rides, etc. this issue popped up. Each time it lead to me becoming very annoyed, and on a few occasions it lead to my characters death. Dying in a hail of bullets can become annoying, but dying because your characters cape, which you can’t take off, takes up the whole screen is another level of annoying.

The Multiplayer

    In honor of full disclosure I will say that I didn’t extensively test out Red Faction: Guerrilla’s multiplayer. The main reason for this being that there weren’t that many games being hosted. At some times I was unable to find any games to play. When I did get into a game I liked what I saw.

    There are a wide variety of maps available to play and you have a decent selection of game modes. Also you can still destroy stuff in game. Most players hate it when you speed half the game destroying all the buildings in sight, but just like in single player it is a lot fun (if you’re one of those people who hates noobs like me who destroy everything, sorry but I will do it again).

The Overview

    Like always I’m going to do an overview for those of you who can’t stand my writing style, but for some reason want to know what I think about this game. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a decent game. The story sucks, but what sandbox game has a good story? The graphics are good, but have a few annoying bugs. Multiplayer is fun when you can find a game to join. Where Red Faction: Guerrilla shines is the gameplay. The gameplay is a ton of fun because lets face it chaos and anarchy are high up there on the fun meter. Overall I feel this game is well worth the ten bucks I paid for it, and probably would pay up to 20 dollars for it. Hopefully the next Red Faction game, Red Faction: Armageddon, is like this one but with fewer graphics bugs, and a better story.

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