Ricky Tomlinson halts bid to be next Liverpool Wavertree MP

by Natalie Evans. Published Tue 13 Apr 2010 15:18
Ricky Tomlinson
Ricky Tomlinson

Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson has withdrawn his bid to stand for Parliament at the upcoming General Election.

The 70-year-old threw his hat into the ring to stand for the Socialist Labour Party in Liverpool Wavertree back in February.

The move came in protest at Labour's decision to select Londoner Luciana Berger to contest the constituency, after long-serving MP Jane Kennedy chose to step down.

Speaking at the time, the actor condemned Ms Berger saying: "This woman that they have parachuted in could not even answer some easy questions about Liverpool.

"I just can't understand why they have picked someone from London. It just not make sense to me."

But yesterday (TUES) the SLP issued a statement explaining that left-winger Ricky would be unable to stand.

SLP spokesman Ian Johnson said: "Ricky cannot stand because of personal and contractual commitments. They have made it impossible for him to stand."

Instead the party has chosen Kim Singleton to stand as their candidate.

Ricky added: "I am disappointed not to be able to stand. But I am pleased to give the chosen candidate my wholehearted support."

Reacting to the announcement, 28-year-old Ms Berger labelled Tomlinson's bid a "distraction."

She said: "This has been a distraction from the real choice at this election: Labour government or Conservative government.

"The Socialist Labour Party will not form the next government. Just as the Liberal Democrats will not form the next government.

"I'm concentrating on standing up for our community in Wavertree as we fight the Tory threat to our jobs, our homes, our tax credits - our community.

"That is what is at stake here. Anything else is a distraction."

Despite his decision to withdraw from the running, Tomlinson will join Ms Singleton and SLP leader Arthur Scargill at a public meeting due to be held in the constituency on Wednesday April 21 or Thursday April 22.

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