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Default Expansion Patch Notes

The weather system will be patched in tomorrow Saturday July 11th rather than today as previously announced.

In addition to the Darkfall Expansion presentation here are some patch notes containing more information:

Server Optimizations
  • There have been numerous bug fixes and optimizations performed on the server
  • An insurance system has been implemented, which in the event of a server crash returns mounts warhulks and ships to either the person who spawned them or to whomever was using them last
  • New ingredients added (to be used for crafting Sithras):
    • Elemental Blades
    • Fibulae
  • Woodcutting now allows you to craft a door that can be used in your house
  • Ingredient requirements for crafting high level weapons have been reduced
  • Ingredient requirements for crafting high level armor have been reduced
  • Ingredient requirements for crafting high level mage staffs have been reduced
  • Gold income will be produced from all crafting and enchanting stations in clan cities. Every time a player crafts something in a clan city, a small amount of gold will be given to the clan that owns the city.
  • All new crafted figurines will weigh 100 kg
  • Support for Autocrafting has been added to all crafting stations
  • Support for bulk buying has been added to all vendors
WorldBuilding/Area Modification:

The following areas have been modified:
  • Carpendale
  • Copperdale
  • Alberworth
  • Gulton
  • Duke's Landing
  • Stonefang
  • Gulton
  • Sandbrook
  • Hildershall
  • Grayvale
  • Wetstone
  • Winterworth
  • Chilbourne
  • Sanguine Bay
  • Blackwood
Graphics & Animation Updates
  • to most statues in the world
  • to most Orkish area decorations
  • to various Bows & Arrows
  • Visual updates to Dwarven stone textures
  • to miscellaneous props scattered all over Agon.
  • Player jump animations updated
  • Mount animations updated
  • Player Whirlwind attack animations updated
  • Fix for player character death animation
  • New Skill for Reading scrolls and books added. Can be bought from the Arcanist
  • New Skill "House Recall" added. For use with player housing. Can be bought from the Arcanist
User Interface
  • New Expandable Hotbar
  • Journal Updated
  • New clan vault item window
  • New journal quest page
  • New Clan news reel page
  • New crafting overview page
  • Compass added
  • Sithras have been added to the game:
    • Betrayer
    • Conqueror
    • Plaguebearer
    • Redeemer
    • Shadebringer
    • Souleater
    • Stormcaller
  • High ranking weapons no longer give a penalty for use with low weapon skill
  • All Weapon damage has been rebalanced (Lower rank weapons deal less damage and higher rank weapons deal more damage)
  • Rank 80 weapons have been moved to rank 70
  • All protections for all armors have been increased (fire, acid, lightning, holy and unholy damage).
  • Maximum regeneration rate increased to allow stacking of food and resting bonuses
  • When targeting a warhulk/cannon/mount/ship you will now see who is controlling it
  • Decreased swim sprint speed
  • Killing someone when in a party will display a chat message to other party members about the kill
  • Killing someone when in a clan will display a chat message to other clan members about the kill
  • Nexus System
    • You need one nexus entrance and one nexus exit to use the system
    • You need to first place the entrance (do this by double clicking on the entrance in your backpack)
    • If you haven't built the exit within 2 hours, the (inactive) entrance will be destroyed
    • Anyone can destroy a nexus system
    • There is a timer countdown between each player using the Nexus
    • There is a limit to the number of players that can go through the nexus system
    • Anyone, friend or foe, can use a nexus system
    • You will have to wait for a timer (displayed on the nexus itself) to count down immediately after placement of the nexus exit before you can use it for the first time
New Mount
  • The Battlehorn features more health and several protections against magic
  • AI tactics upgraded
  • Several AI exploits plugged
  • Monster melee attack speed decreased on several monsters
  • All Monster spawn timers have been rebalanced
  • Most Monster loot has been updated
  • Most Monster hit points have been rebalanced
  • You can no longer build in a city when the city is part of a siege
Quests / Rewards
  • Dynamic roaming chests have been added to Agon. Explore Agon to find these chests that potentially contains House Deeds, scrolls, books, gold and much more
  • Title Quests(Achievements) have been added (Read more about them on the expansion page)
  • Fices to some quests that would not give out the correct rewards
Spells and Magic
  • The Mage in Adianthel now teaches spells and skills
  • Increased mana cost and cool-down for:
    • Death Fog
    • Flames of Vengeance
    • Ice Storm
    • Meteor Strike
    • Thunderstorm
    • Volcano
  • Arcane protection has been added to all rings/necklaces
  • Spell damage penalty from all armor has been increased
  • Unburden spell effect has been decreased
  • Extensions for Spells added:
    • You buy extensions for each spell
    • Only one extension can be on each spell
    • If you want to change the extension, you can just go to the Mage and buy another one
    • Buy the ability to jump while using spells with a small penalty to the spell damage
    • Buy extra damage for certain spells
    • Buy longer range for certain spells
    • Buy higher exit velocity for certain spells
    • The add-ons can all be bought from mages in clan city Mage Guilds
Player Housing / Village Control System
  • Player Housing added (Read more about it on the expansion page)
  • Every 3 days you need to pay tax to keep your house
  • If you have not paid your taxes within 8 days the house will be freed
  • Add tenants to your house by alternative use on another player
  • Use your journal to manage your tenants
  • A flag outside the house will remind you whether or not taxes are been paid for that particular house
  • Craft a door and install it on your house.
  • Other players can destroy your door by attacking your house.
  • Attacking a house that you don't own or aren't a tenant of will turn you rogue.
  • Find numerous extensions to your house throughout Agon (chests, monster loot, quests)
  • Give your house to a player by alternative use on the player you want to give it to
  • Pay the taxes of a house by targeting it, pressing alternative use and select Pay Taxes. (Anyone can pay the tax on a house)
  • Install personal crafting stations in your house
  • Install resource spawns in your house
  • Much more
  • Ship speed has been increased
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