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Query by name

NEW Important notice for query users !

Note: The data returned by a query are derived or encapsulated from records held by provincial, territorial and federal geographical names authorities. Up-to-date information about individual toponyms should be obtained from provincial and territorial geographical names authorities, or the federal department or agency that administers the property.

Use this page to query the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB). Type the name of a city, town, lake (or any other geographical feature), specify the type of feature you are searching for and the Province or Territory where it is located, and click "Submit Query". This will send a query to the CGNDB and return a list of places or features with the name you specified.

1. Key in a Canadian geographical place name: (e.g., Montreal or Lake Erie, NOT Montreal, Quebec or Lake Erie, Ontario)

Exact match.
Insert a wildcard,

Instructions: Click on the wildcard to insert it in the place name input box.
French, Aboriginal or other European characters
French Characters: à â ç é è ê ë î Î ï Ï ô ù û À Â Ç É È Ê Ô
Aboriginal Characters: ā ą ǟ ē ę ī į Ł ł ō ǫ ŝ ū ǜ &
Other European Characters: á ä í ì ñ ó ò ö õ ø ú ü Ä Ì Ò Ø

Instructions: Click on any character to insert it in the placename input box.
or Syllabic characters

2. Choose feature type(s): (Optional - Default is: All)

3. Choose the type of GeoNames query: (Default is: Current)
CurrentFormerly OfficialAll

Or choose from a special names list: (Optional)
Manitoba Equivalent Names
Ontario Alternate Names
Pan-Canadian Names
Replaced Names
Revoked Names
Yukon Alternate Names

4. Choose a Province or Territory: (Optional - Default is: All)
Alberta Nunavut
British Columbia Ontario
Manitoba Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick Quebec
Newfoundland and Labrador Saskatchewan
Northwest Territories Yukon
Nova Scotia Undersea Regions


5. Group query results by:
Geographical name
Feature type Province/


6. Output Options:

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