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Virginia Agencies To Check For Undocumented Workers
Diane Hodges

July 06, 2011 - A Virginia government review board says state agencies and their contractors are not doing enough to make sure that the workers they hire are legal, and they're advocating for wider use of the electronic E-Verify system.

It's estimated that some 160,000 unauthorized workers live in Virginia. The state's Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission says that most state agencies are doing little to make sure that these employees are not working for state contractors.

"There's really no feedback loop back to the state beyond the additional contract," says Justin Brown, a staffer for the commission.

Delegate David Albo (R), who serves on the audit commission, wants to require contractors to begin using the computerized database called E-Verify, rather than simply relying on documents to determine their workers' status.

"You may recall ... two massive busts of document mills recently," Albo says. "The only way to know whether someone's complying with federal immigration law in Virginia is if they use E-Verify."

Virginia agencies are required to begin using E-Verify next year; large state contractors must begin using it in 2013, according to the commission.

Updated: Jul. 6, 2011 at 6:56 am
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