Species & Breeding Populations Extinct on UCSC Campus

These species and breeding populations were all once found at UC Santa Cruz, but are now confirmed extinct on the campus. Most were surveyed and mapped as part of the original campus Long Range Development Plan. Many more species are on the verge of being extinguished.



Allium unifolium
One-leaved onion - locally rare

Lupinus polyphyllus
Large-leaved lupine - locally rare

Vaccinium parvifolium
Red huckleberry - only population in SC County

Pyrola picta
Leafless pyrola - locally rare

Sisyrinchium californicum
Yellow-eyed grass - locally rare

Isoetes nuttallii
Nuttall’s quillwort - locally rare

Castilleja ambigua
Paintbrush owl’s clover - locally rare

Limnanthes douglasii
Meadow foam - one of only two populations in the county

Muilla maritima
Common muilla - locally rare

Heterocodon rariflorum
Heterocodon - locally rare

Spiranthes romanzoffiana
Hooded lady’s tresses - rare

Plantago subnuda
Mexican plantain - locally rare


  Ammodramus savannarum
Grasshopper Sparrow

Athene cunicularia

Burrowing Owl