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Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together by Helen and Rob over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition...

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Here in Los Angeles, we currently have between seven and twelve local Transition groups (depending upon at what stage of development you wish to begin counting them).  And we're eager for more....

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Want to see your Transiton photos here? We do!  Please email them to photos@transitionus.org


Transition Culture

The 'Mapping the Future' event at last year's conference. It’s that time again.  I’m packing my bag and getting ready to head off the Liverpool for the Transition Network conference.  It’s going to be fantastic.  If you are unable to make it, keep an eye on the...

Energy Bulletin

John Michael Greer recently suggested that those who haven’t found poverty yet might want to seek it out for their own good. Not only can people who know how to provide their own food, clothing, energy and other household needs live comfortably if today's abundance gives way to scarcity in the...

Transition Voice

Simple living can be comfortable, but are we ready to voluntarily seek out poverty just to survive after peak oil? Poverty is finding middle class families these days these days through unemployment, bankruptcy and home foreclosure, whether they like it or not. And mostly, they don’t like it...

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