Inventions shape the future

"the Discovery" Lost for a Century - Discovered At Last

 Electron Holy Grail

 Edison Tar-putty #7

 Sir J. W. Swan 1881

 1881 Lane Fox B.E.

 H. S. Maxim 1880

 Edison Menlo Park C

NEW -- Edison Trials History -- NEW

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Edison Edisonian Museum, see antique electric light bulbs, early motors, rare glass battery jars, books, and carbon incandescent lamps. Edisonian is an online student's resource filled with interesting exhibits presented to enrich your understanding of the early development of electricity and the people involved including: Edison, Westinghouse, Swan, Brush Faraday, Wilde, Henry, Thompson, Houston, Bernstein, Sawyer, Man, Perkins Gramme, Dale, Diehl, Weber, Gauss, Siemans, Volta, Tesla, Gericke, Gramme, Lonton, Grenet, Ives, K&D.