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Amroy aims to become nano-leader

By John Pagni
Posted 5 March 2010 9:31 am GMT
Finnish technology company Amroy Europe is planning to build on its recent success in Frost & Sullivan’s innovation awards, setting its sights on becoming a world leader in epoxy-based nanocomposites.

“Our ambition is to become the Number One epoxy matrix formulator in the world using nanotechnology and this recognises we're heading in the right direction challenging the limits of material performance,” says Amroy CEO Antti Valtakari.

The company won the Frost & Sullivan’s European Technology Innovation Award for the application of its Hybtonite technology, which makes it easier to disperse carbon fibre nanotubes (CNTs) in epoxy-based composite materials.

Developed by a team working at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland under the direction of Professor Jorma Virtanen, the Hybtonite technology covalently attaches functional chemical groups to the CNT which react with the epoxy during the curing process.

The resulting bond between the CNT and the matrix resin is said to result in a more durable hybrid composite structure that is between 20-30% stronger than a conventional reinforced plastic.

Amroy formulations are already being used in a number of high performance sports applications, including ice hockey sticks, archery equipment and baseball bats. Finnish wind turbine company Eagle Tuulivoima is also using the Hybtonite technology - together with Baytube CNTs from Bayer MaterialScience - in a new range of lightweight turbines for the domestic market.

With ecological applications in mind, Amroy has also developed Epobiox. Developed in partnership with Entropy Research Labs in the US, this is a liquid epoxy resin produced with up to 70% bio-derived oils that can be used with the Hybtonite system in infusion, lamination and glued composite constructions.

Innovations in nanocomposites materials and processing will be discussed at the European Plastics News Nanocomposites & Nanotubes conference in Belgium later this month. Speakers at this 10th international event include senior representatives from Electrolux Major Appliances, Fraunhofer Institute, Nanocyl and Texas State University.

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