"'My brother John, from whom you are all descended, was bitten on the back of his neck by something that was half animal, half human. From that moment on, he was hairy, all over.' - Aunt Kate (Dom Deluise, Haunted Honeymoon"

Catherine Hardwicke's horror version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'

As you may have heard, Amanda Seyfried will star in Catherine Hardwicke's Gothic horror/fairytale The Girl With The Red Riding Hood. Shiloh Fernandez is set to play a woodcutter with whom Red falls in love, and Max Irons will play the village blacksmith to whom Red is engaged. Julie Christie will play the grandmother who knits with silver needles (need to kill a werewolf, anyone?). Gary Oldman will be the "Witchfinder General" whose mission is to kill the werewlf ravaging the countryside.

Shooting is set to start in Vancouver shortly. More news as it comes!



Zombie_Vamp's picture

Sounds more like an Alice in Wonderland cash in than Twilight. I'm a sucker for fairy tales though, so I'll have to check this one out.

Chris McMillan's picture

Sounds interesting. Didn't think anything about Twilight when the story mentioned Silver Needles.

Cash Bailey's picture

I've read the script for this and it's really damn good.

A lot of people will automatically think it's some TWILIGHT cash-in but the version I read was not like that at all. If anything it reminded me of SLEEPY HOLLOW.

And it was written by the guy who wrote the awesome trash masterpiece from last year ORPHAN.

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