Contractor Government Shutdown Prep Resources

[Updated: April 6 - After several weeks under continuing resolutions, a federal government shutdown that begins on Friday, April 8 is increasingly likely. See our updated list of resources to help your company prepare for and deal with a government shutdown.]

The spectre of a federal government shutdown has been pushed back from Mar. 4, to no earlier than Mar. 18. Still, as the political wrangling continues, the threat of a shutdown remains.

To help government contractors prepare for a possible shutdown, on Mar. 4, GovWin hosted a Webinar, Survive a Government Shutdown, featuring expert insights on the background and likelihood of a shutdown, plus a vital checklist of must-do tasks to make sure contractors weather the crisis. (See the event recap and full, archived webinar video.)

In addition to analysis from INPUT's Deniece Peterson and Jennifer McKinney, the webinar also featured shutdown-preparation tactics by Aronson LLC's Thomas Marcinko, author of the free whitepaper, A Contractor’s Guide to Surviving the Government Shutdown.

No matter what happens with the current crisis, all government contractors should have a contingency plan to help them deal with a government shutdown. In addition to our whitepaper and webinar above, we've compiled a list of other shutdown-related webinars, questions and answers, to-do lists and other resources for contractors to consider as they develop their shutdown plans:

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