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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A quick summary of the race

Fairly quickly after my last blog the calm weather gave way to torrential rain and wind of up to 30 knots. Not ideal weather for blog writing and with limited email access it meant I couldn’t keep it updated.

So instead I waited until safely back in grand harbour where the sun is now shining and I can look back at the race and say how great it was (there may have been times on-board where I wouldn’t have agreed!).

The highlights:

  • Finishing 3rd in class and 21st overall. We’re all looking forward the receiving our well earned trophy on Saturday night at Royal Malta Yacht Club
  • Breaking our record top speed which was 17 knots and is now 20.56 knots. Just to add this was with a reefed main sail and head sail only, not even a spinnaker. This probably tells you something about the size of the waves and the strength of the wind…
  • Passing Stromboli at night and seeing it light up – amazing
  • Playing dare devil with a very large super yacht in the pitch black going through the straits of Messina. Just to add a bit of context, it was blowing 25 knots of wind and we had the spinnaker up as well
  • Seeing the most amazing changes in weather e.g. flying along at 8 knots with the A-sail up and then suddenly having 0 knots, the A-sail backing and being totally becalmed. Or tacking in a wind shift and ending up at the same angle you were on in the last tack – bizarre
  • The scenary. Geoff and I had seen some of it before but even so it really is a beautiful place to sail with some of the most stunning islands as marks on the course
  • Starting in Grand Harbour and finishing at The Royal Malta Yacht Club. Nisida had made it in earlier than us (people we know from London Corinthian Sailing Club) and they cheered us accross the finish line – a great feeling
  • Having 3 Pronavias in the race making it that bit more challenging and exciting

I won’t go through the entire race with you (although more than happy to if someone wants). We had every weather imaginable from sun and dead calm waters to 35 knots scrawls, hammering rain and big seas. I’d say this is the most challenging race I’ve even done – more than the fastnet.

We mainly ate crisps, chocolate and cereal bars all the way round as we were so busy with sail changes, bad weather and wind shifts (plus a few un-named were a little on the poorly/ sea sick side…). The boat’s still full of boil in the bags and hot dogs – in fact we had some for breakfast this morning :-S

We became a well practiced slick crew at reefing the main and dropping it. All that had to be said was “You know what to do” and we all kicked into action.

We started at 11.10 am on Saturday and Daryn timed our finish – the race took us 99 hours 50 mins. We did it under 100 hours!

If I think of anything else I’ll keep the blog updated.

I’ll leave you with Charlies quote of the week “We’re definately well in front of the boats behind us”.

(BTW – thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I’m a bit behind on my texts and emails but will catch up in the next few days)

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wind, Dolphins and chocolate eclairs

Was just about to write this blog when some called me on deck as we have a lot of dolphins off the bow – v cool. Lots of photos have been taken so we’ll upload them as soon as we can. Hopefully they will have dolphins in them and not just splashes of blue water [...]

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4am update

It’s 4.15 am and the wind is non-existent at the moment. Up until the early hours of the morning we were having a great sail with 10+ knots of wind  but over the past few hours it’s all slowed completely. We’re well and truly into our watch system rotation with Geoff, Charlie, James and Daryn [...]

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pre-race update

Just under an hour until our start. We’ve been outside the harbour wall to check the wind and first mark. The wind was pretty light this morning but thankfully it’s been building so it should be a nice start for the race. All crew seem happy – this could be due to the sunshine or [...]

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sailing this weekend

Well yesterdays sailing race could only be described as a drift.  With some tricky tidal decisions and some massive wind holes up the first beat some would have describe it as a lottery. We however came out in an ok position finishing in a credible 6th out of 18 yachts. It was great to get out [...]

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Monday, August 10, 2009


After all the build up, training and qualifying races we eventually made it to the start line of the Fastnet. Usually known for it’s rough seas and high winds – we felt as though this may be our ultimate off-shore challenge. In reality the weather decided to hold off for us and instead we had [...]

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Myth of Malham

In IRC Class Two, we won!

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