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Wind, Dolphins and chocolate eclairs

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wind, Dolphins and chocolate eclairs

Was just about to write this blog when some called me on deck as we have a lot of dolphins off the bow – v cool. Lots of photos have been taken so we’ll upload them as soon as we can. Hopefully they will have dolphins in them and not just splashes of blue water which most my  dolphin photos seem to be. Oh Rob has a video too – that’ll have to go on Facebook.

We’ve just gone past Etna and are a few hours off Messina.

A frustrating night and morning for us. After such a good start we got becalmed and have been pretty much like that until a couple of hours ago. Seawolf, Bongani and what felt like the rest of the fleet over took us but we’re hoping to regain some of that now the wind’s got up. It’s fluctuating between 5-8 knots and we have the A sail up so we’re a lot happier.

We over took Bongani a few hours ago so now we hoping to close some of the gap between us and the rest of the fleet over night. Seawolf are circa 10 miles ahead – we’ve regained 2 miles on so far. I just hope this breeze stays with us.

As Rhys pointed out earlier we have had 4 seasons in one day. Heavy rain, sunshine, wind and dead calm. When the rain came it did so with a vengeance. Poor Rhys got soaked even though he had his wet weather gear on… He’s clothes are out drying on the deck at the moment.

I was going to complain about the snoring on my last blog but apparently I was snoring too last night so I’m glad  didn’t say anything.

The ginger biscuits got opened to day too :-)

I think that’s all for now. Time for dinner.

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7 Responses to “Wind, Dolphins and chocolate eclairs”

  1. Liz Poore says:

    Go Team Tangaroa – the lack of wind yesterday must have been very frustrating. Glad to find you moving again when we got up this morning. Keep it up. Enjoy all your food treats!

  2. Lorrie Lewis says:

    Oddly, my house has very quiet these last few nights – no snoring at all!

    Hope you have some better wind now.

    L x

  3. Sue Berrill says:

    See you are moving on at the moment – great.
    Must have been lovely seeing the dolphins. Really bad rain and thunder again here last night.

  4. Sue Berrill says:

    Just seen the European boat come past the hotel and the weather forecast for tonight – good luck Team Tangaroa, we’ll be thinking of you.

  5. chris mac says:

    great work putting away bongani. hope the night isn’t too bouncy

  6. chris mac says:

    guys results look great. congratulations!!!

    enjoy the crew party.


  7. Sue Berrill says:

    Results look good – Well done. Hope you are all drying out now.

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