Darth Malak
  • Final boss in Knights of the Old Republic
  • Apprentice of Darth Revan
  • Lost lower jaw in lightsaber duel

Unlike many villains, there is no doubt about Malak's intentions. From the moment you pick up a copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you can see this sinister being on the cover staring you down. At his beck and call was the Star Forge, a station capable of churning out near infinite fighting ships, and the Leviathon, a massive star cruiser capable of frying planets.

Whether you take the path of good or evil through BioWare's role-playing epic, Malak is waiting for you at the end. And he is not friendly. The fight with Darth Malak can be tough, even for a seasoned gamer. During the fight, he'll run over to captive Jedi and drain their life to recharge his health. The only way to defeat him is to go dark yourself and destroy the source of his powers -- other Jedi.

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