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Richmond Ambulance Authority to integrate "Black Box" and Mobile Communications Gateway Solutions Enabling Timely Delivery of Driver Safety Data to the Communications Cente

American Ambulance Association Convention and Trade Show, Las Vegas, NV - November 30, 2005 - In Motion Technology Inc. and Road Safety International Inc. announce they have entered into a partnership to seamlessly deliver driver performance and safety data collected in the vehicle to the EMS communications center for instant tracking of their fleet operations. Focusing on improving safety and reducing operating costs in emergency vehicles, Road Safety's RS-3000 On-Board Computer System (Black Box) monitors and records unsafe vehicle operating parameters such as speeding and high g-forces caused by rapid accelerations, hard decelerations and high speed turns. It also monitors use of seat belts, use of vehicle spotter while backing and proper emergency lights & siren operation. In Motion's onBoard Mobile Gateway (oMG 1000) enables secure, data transfer on any wireless network for any device deployed in the ambulance, including the RS-3000. The integration of oMG 1000 with RS-3000 enables reduced operational costs while providing the ambulance communications center visibility to driver performance data in real-time.

Richmond Ambulance Authority First to Install Solution
Richmond Ambulance Authority, which provides all emergency and non-emergency transports within the city of Richmond, VA has installed the combined solution in its entire ambulance fleet. "The Richmond Ambulance Authority is one of the most advanced EMS systems in the world," says Jerry Overton, Executive Director of the Ambulance Authority for the city of Richmond. "We're constantly looking for solutions that continue to improve on safety for our drivers and help us stay connected with our field personnel. The RS-3000 Black Box solution was already proving to reduce our operating costs, but we had to wait for ambulances to return to the vicinity of our operations center in order to download historical information. Now that the Black Box has been integrated with the onBoard Mobile Gateway, which turns each ambulance into an extension of our LAN, we can monitor potentially hazardous events such as failure to wear seat belts, excessive speed or high g-force driving in real time across the entire operating region. The oMG 1000 was already providing connectivity for our CAD/AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and EPCR (Electronic Patient Care Records) applications, so adding the RS-3000 Black Box to the mix was a no-brainer.“

The RS-3000 Black Box, much like an aircraft "flight data recorder", monitors driver behavior and stores the information for retrospective analysis. It also provides immediate, in-vehicle audio feedback to the driver if they start driving unsafely. "Immediate feedback is important to the learning process and is critical in emergency situations to avoid ambulance collisions with other vehicles," says Larry Selditz, President of Road Safety International. "In partnership with In Motion, we can now bring that feedback to the control center instantly."

"We also have the opportunity to introduce new features that address some of the Homeland Security issues and fleet administration challenges such as stolen vehicle identification/ignition defeat and unknown or unauthorized driver notification. This system integration can also provide real-time status over the LAN to maintenance personnel about vehicle and equipment failures along with vehicle odometer information for maintenance scheduling. Future enhancements will also include instant crash notification, cell phone policy compliance, equipment/inventory monitoring and multiple vehicle camera interface to the communications center" says Selditz.

In Motion Technology's oMG 1000 offers a Mobile LAN infrastructure that seamlessly scales to enable multiple applications and devices access to any wireless network. oMG 1000's open technology enables multi-network Support (802.11, 802.16, 1xRTT, EvDO, Wi/iDEN, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, Flash OFDM, and/or UMTS TDD) all in the same box for a flexible, reliable solution for mobile data operations. Additionally, In Motion Technology transparently provides 128-bit security to all data transmissions to protect confidential patient and billing information.