Ugroza precision-guided weapon system based on S-8, S-13 and S-24 aircraft rockets

The system is designed to engage pinpoint targets, such as armored vehicles, missile launchers, artillery pieces at fire positions, weapon emplacements, craft, etc., when combat areas are abundant with close-in air defense assets of the enemy. The Ugroza system comprises Russian series-produced 80, 122 and 240mm rockets being modernized that will allow carrier aircraft (helicopters) to considerably increase their effective firing range.

The modernization (updating) of rockets and their carriers can be performed at their location areas (in storehouses, at airfields, etc.) with participation of aeromobile plants. The modernized missiles ensure homing:
- in the passive mode at pieces of equipment located in the open;
- in the semiactive mode by illuminating targets with a laser beam for one to three seconds from the carrier or a ground direction post.

The Ugroza system can ripple-fire two to seven missiles at one target thereby providing:
- three to fourfold increase in the effectiveness-cost rate;
- decrease in missile expenditure by 50 times and more;
- reduction in the number of carriers and airfield support facilities;
- increased survivability of carriers owing to Longer launch ranges.

The system comprises:
- flight mission shaping unit;
- laser ranger designator with TV set;
- elements for interface with the carrier aircraft (helicopter).

Rocket pods and missile launchers do not require updating.