Easy access to your Google Calendar with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.



Daily view with colors and style like Google Calendar displays it!


CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to access and change your Google Calendar (or Google Apps Calendar) with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It even works when you have no internet connection. Changes are saved and uploaded the next time you are connected.

It can be found here in the AppStore.

Feature overview:

  1. Five different calendar views to display your events:

  1. Day view (as seen on the left, similar to Google Calendar's day view and including the new landscape variant mentioned below)

  2. Month view (it can be zoomed by tearing apart two points with two fingers. Additionally you can choose between a variant that scrolls month-by-month and another one that scrolls week-by-week)

  3. Week view

  4. Landscape day view (displays a whole week at a glance to give you a good overview where you have some free time left)

  5. Agenda view (shows your events as a list)

On the left you can see some screenshots of the different calendar views. Please scroll down to see further screenshots including screenshots of the iPad version. CalenGoo contains the iPhone, iPod and iPad version in one app, so if you buy it, you can use it on all these devices.

CalenGoo's views display events similar to the web view of Google Calendar. Events are displayed in the same calendar colors as in Google Calendar (but Google's new "Color Code" feature for single events cannot be supported yet, please see here for details: Calendars). It also recognizes which calendars are visible and which are hidden. So the view should match the view of your Google Calendar as much as possible.

To copy and move events you can use drag&drop, please see the tutorial for more details.

  1. Support for all kinds of recurring events that Google Calendar supports. Recurring events are displayed and editable. Even when you are offline or scroll far into the future, they are correctly displayed. When creating recurring events, you can use the same rules that you can use in Google Calendar, even rules like "every month's last Friday".

  1. CalenGoo also has a search function where you can quickly find specific events, e.g. the birthday of someone.

  1. You can sync CalenGoo with Google Tasks to view and
    manage your tasks in CalenGoo and in Google Calendar (works for normal and Google Apps accounts, but not if your company uses a custom login page)

  2. You can assign icons to events and see them in CalenGoo and Google Calendar.

  3. You can invite people to events with CalenGoo and see their status (accepted, declined, maybe, no answer) in CalenGoo and Google Calendar. They will get an invitation email with links to e.g. accept or decline the invitation.

  4. You can add up to five reminders to your events and you can choose between. popup, email and SMS reminders. Starting with iOS 4, you can now get reminders on your iPhone/iPod without the need for an Internet connection. To use Google's free (see link) SMS reminders you just have to enter your mobile phone number on the Google Calendar website ("Settings", "Mobile Setup").

  1. There are a lot of configuration options, e.g. to increase the font size or change how events are displayed to let the calendar better fit your needs.

If you would like to learn more about CalenGoo, please have a look at the Tutorial.

And if you have any problems or suggestions, please send an email to

If you would like to be informed about coming updates and new features, you can join CalenGoo's mailing list here:


Zoomable month view. Double tap to open the day in daily view mode.

You can search your calendars for keywords. Hidden calendars are displayed in parentheses.

The agenda view. It shows your events with their calendar's colors as a long list.

The week view. It shows your events with their calendar's colors for a single week. To get to the next week, use the swipe or flick gesture.

The landscape mode of the day view. It shows 5 or 7 days at a glance to give you a quick overview where you have some free time left.

The tasks view. It let's you see and edit your tasks from Google Tasks. Please see the Tutorial for more information.

As a universal binary you can use the same app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. On the iPad it will use the additional space and iPad specific functions like popup windows (that you can see in the left screenshot) to give you a better overview over you calendar.

The same screen on the iPad.