Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011 (TS11) will be conducted at a designated Australia Defence Force (ADF) training facilities in Queensland, the Northern Territory and within the Australian Maritime Zones of Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone. The types of activities undertaken are dependent on the training area.

Northern Territory

TS11 will use several training facilities in the Northern Territory including the Delamere Range Facility, Bradshaw Field Training Area and Mount Bundey Training Area. Operations in the NT will also include the use of RAAF Base Tindal to support air assets. Other activities will include land manoeuvres, Special Forces activities, parachuting, urban operations, air operations and small arms live firing.


Central Queensland

The Shoalwater Bay Training Area is located north east of Rockhampton and north of Yeppoon and is recognised as Australia's single most important area for the conduct of amphibious (marine) and combined arms exercises due to its costal location.

Activities at the training area will involve a combination of amphibious (marine) landing, parachute landings and land force manoeuvres. By using areas within this training area, troops will practice the coordinated firing of live ammunition from a range of weapon systems delivered from land, air and sea platforms.


North Queensland

Several activities may also be held at the Townsville Field Training Area, west of Townsville. These activities include land force manoeuvres, the practice of urban operations, air operations and the coordinated firing of live ammunition and explosive ordinance from a range of in-service weapon systems used by exercise participants.

RAAF Base Townsville will be used to support air operations while the Cowley Beach Training Area may also be used to conduct amphibious (marine) landing rehearsals.

Coral, Timor and Arufura Seas

A substantial component of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2011 will occur at sea with forces distributed over the Coral, Timor and Arufura Seas and adjacent international waters. Activities may include clearance diving, logistics training at sea, anti-submarine training, the use sonobuoys to locate submarines and the use of active and passive sonar for sub-surface vessel detection. Some gun and missile firing will also occur at sea. The use of these weapons on impact areas will be consistent with standard operating procedures for other exercises.

Other sites

  • Port facilities in Queensland (Port of Townsville, Port Alma, Port of Gladstone and Port of Brisbane) and in NT (Port of Darwin)
  • RAAF Bases at Darwin, Curtin, Tindal, Townsville, Amberley and Richmond for aircraft holding
  • Rockhampton and Cairns Airports
  • Non-defence training areas