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PR: Nujira achieves best ever LTE transmitter efficiency

Cambridge, UK, 16 July 2009 - Nujira today announced that it has achieved efficiencies of over 60% for an 880MHz LTE Power Amplifier, based on its commercially available Coolteq power modulator and Digital Pre Distortion (DPD) solution. These are the highest efficiencies ever achieved for an LTE signal.

Tim Haynes, Nujira CEO, said, "Spectrum clearance is now occurring on a worldwide basis due to the rollout of Digital TV Broadcast and these results demonstrate conclusively that the benefits of our technology are as impressive at these lower frequencies just as they are at 2GHz or 10GHz. We have a solution irrespective of frequency or modulation."

The Nujira results were achieved using a 20MHz 4 carrier WCDMA 6.5 dB PAPR waveform at 880MHz associated with a Coolteq.h power modulator and a Coolteq.b Digital Pre-Distortion system. Using this system, Nujira achieved output stage efficiencies of more than 60% with a peak of 63%. The measurements showed excellent system linearity at RF power levels of 60Watts. The efficiency results include the Coolteq.h modulator conversion efficiency and are representative of a practical RF PA output stage.

Haynes continued, "These results demonstrate the flexibility of the Coolteq.h power modulator and Coolteq.b DPD system, which were both unchanged after being recently used to achieve similar results at 2.1GHz. This ability to deploy across very wide bandwidths is a unique capability that we offer with our Coolteq products and ultimately will allow global equipment suppliers to provide very wide frequency cover with a minimal set of RF PA products."

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