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Site news: Sunday, 26 August 2001 (complete history)
New game available for download:

New Galactic Battle competition top score! Congratulations to Sean Foger!

Once again, please let me reiterate that this site is no longer being updated - unfortunately, I simply don't have the time any longer. However, the offer still stands: if anyone would like to take it over, I would be delighted to hear from them. Please mail me if you are interested.

Competition Leaders
Galactic Battle: Sean Foger (244900)
Snake: Martin Bergvill (678)
Tetlix: Lars Hedstroem (1770)
Tetris: J. P. Grenert (62550)
Fun! Features
Readme.1st: Just what is this site all about, anyway?
Competitions: Everlasting fame and fortune awaits!
Morphy One: Find out all there is to know on the Morphy One, a 486-based palmtop which looks like being a fitting successor to the HP 200LX.
Downloads: Games available to download
Info & Reviews: An extensive list containing games reviews and information
FAQ: Answers to the most commonly-asked questions
Abandonware: Information on the abandonware situation, with an open plea to publishers
Fun! Games: My very own creations, all of which are free to download
Information: Information on using your palmtop as an electronic book, with links to resources
Downloads: Related programs and selected stories available to download
Books: A selection of freely available classic literature
LX-related: An up-to-date listing of sites dedicated to the HP 95/100/200 LX
Other: From the serious to the not-so-serious via the unmissable. There's a link for everyone!
Mail Mike: Write to Mike Wagstaff, the author of this site
Submit: Submissions (information, games, etc) are always welcome! Help enhance this site!
Feedback: Spotted an error? Something not working? Like the site? Tell me about it!
Report Dead Link: Report a broken URL

This HP Palmtop Ring site is owned by Mike Wagstaff.

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