Transportation is an essential service — an economic lifeline.

Each transportation mode brings its own value proposition. Collectively, these modes represent opportunities for businesses to take advantage of global opportunities — emerging global markets demand integrated transportation networks, which is exactly what Port Alberta is committed to creating. Integration is a natural product of the modern world with its increasingly complex and diverse supply chains.

Customers have ever-increasing demands and more choices to make. Whether you are a business, a province or a nation, the efficiency and effectiveness of your transportation networks are competitive advantages.

Value to the Community and Beyond
Port Alberta represents an opportunity for Alberta’s Capital Region to collectively benefit from the strengths of its varied business sectors. As a collaborative voice for the transportation and logistics industries, our organization offers long-term value to all businesses whose work depends on the efficient flow of goods. By improving the global reach of local businesses, advocating for policy, regulatory and infrastructure priorities, as well as facilitating the implementation of innovative solutions that create competitive advantages, Port Alberta will be a powerful voice for local businesses.

As an organization devoted to improving the efficiency of all transportation, expanding the global reach of businesses in the Capital Region, Port Alberta will not simply grow opportunities for individual businesses. Instead, we intend to substantively improve opportunities for the province as a whole.