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Arctic Monkeys go rap


Indie bands having a change of direction makes us happy, so the fact that Arctic Monkeys have teamed up with rapper Dizzee Rascal on the B-side to their forthcoming single Brianstorm makes us doubly so.

The Mercury prize-winning rapper, whose new album Maths and English is out in March, features on the song Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend. You can get your hands on it when the single is released digitally on 1 April and on CD and vinyl on 16 April.

Rap and indie - does it work?

11:35 AM | 28/02/2007

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  • wow I never imagine arctic monkeys like rappers but I've got faith in alex turner and I hope he never dissapoint me

    Posted by monic@ at 10:13 PM | 28/02/2007 | Report Abuse

  • I've always heard a lot of Hiphop influnce in Alex' lyrics and delivery. He's a big Hiphop fan so I've heard, so much that he started out as an Mc, most likely not true, but I read it somewhere. Can't wait for this tune.

    Posted by James at 4:18 PM | 02/03/2007 | Report Abuse

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